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Autumn 2

Year 1

In KS1 the children focus on the development of 10 fundamental movement skills, this half term the children have been looking at kicking. Kicking is a complex skill that requires the co-ordination of multiple body parts and our children have been working very hard to get all their movements right, starting from kicking a stationary ball and progressing to kicking a moving target. Kicking is a very important skill as it is the basis of many games, such as football and rugby, that our children will play as they move into KS2. 


Year 2

In Year 2 we have continued to refine our fundamental movement skills, much like in Year 1, but we have looked at how combining these skills, helps us in a game as opposed to practicing them on their own.  We have begun exploring the idea of teamwork, the advantages of working together and we have thought about what makes a good team. We have put these ideas into practice to demonstrate that working together makes tasks easier and more enjoyable.  


Year 3

In Year 3 we have been looking at adapting our skills to invasion games which is the traditional format of one team versus another and forms the basis of games such as Netball, Rugby, Football, Hockey etc. ‘Three touch ball’ involves the children trying to score as many goals as possible by passing a ball at least three times before throwing it into a hoop/ target. The game is played in an area with two/three goals (hoops) at one end, the pupils work in groups of four, with three attackers and one defender, they are given a choice of balls to play with and select one that they can all send and receive well (either by throwing and catching, kicking and stopping with their feet, or hitting and stopping with a stick). The pupils have refined and developed a wide range of skills from this module such as: 


 To send a ball and move into space to receive a pass

 To send and receive a ball in a simple game

 To use simple tactics in a game

 To revise simple tactics in an invasion game

 To evaluate their own and others success


Year 4

This half term our Year 4 pupils have been working on a dance based on the Michael Jackson song ‘Thriller’.  They have worked individually and in groups to develop a dance based on their own moves and ideas, trying to create a dance that was exciting to watch. The final product was so impressive that they performed it for our Children In Need assembly.  


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Year 5

Year 5 have been very successful in their Hi 5 Netball Module. High 5 is a variation of the popular 7 a side game that is played by children aged 9-11 in primary Schools. It is a great way to get children active and uses fun and variety to get them into the game, polish their skills and aid fitness. The skills that the children have used this half term whilst playing Netball include:


 To develop the skill of passing and catching a netball.

 To develop the skill of passing a netball using a shoulder pass.

 To develop the skill of shooting in netball

 To select appropriate strategies for attack

 To develop their ability to evaluate their own and others work and suggest ways to improve it.

 To choose and apply skills and tactics consistently in netball type competitive games.

 To develop their ability to evaluate their teams work and suggest ways to improve it.


Year 6

In Year 6 we have been looking at the importance of being fit and healthy. The children have discussed what they think being fit and healthy is and how they can make changes to their lifestyles to help them as they grow. All the children undertook fitness testing in the areas of stamina, speed, agility, strength and flexibility. Over the course of the half term we explored each of these areas individually and looked at ways to improve them. At the end of the half term we completed the same course of fitness tests and compared our results to those of our first tests to see if we had improved.