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The children in Early Years helped put the posters around school. Jessica talked to the class about using the correct bins for the classroom waste. She decided to make some signs to go on the bins!

Waste Week


In March we took part in the Eco School campaign 'Waste Week'. The Eco Warriors met to discuss food waste in both the classrooms and the school kitchen. We decided that we would weigh our food waste the week before 'Waste Week' and the after 'Waste Week'. The Eco Warriors then reported back to their class teachers and children what had ben discussed and how they could reduce plastic and fruit waste in the classroom.

During the week the whole school became involved in finding out more about landfill and where our waste goes and about how we can reduce plastic waste in our lunch boxes.


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Early Years keep busy by regularly litter picking and are doing a great job at keeping their outdoor area and the school paths litter free. They work really hard together picking up the litter and putting in the green waste bags. They show great team work and determination. Great Little Green Thumbs!

Green Thumb Code

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Switch Off 2017

In November we took part in the 'Switch Off' campaign to raise awareness of making sure that lights and electrical devises were 'switched off' when not in use. The Eco Warriors undertook an audit to record lights and devises that were not being switched off when not being used. We have posters around school to remind everyone about our mission to reduce energy costs around school. 

Over the campaign we reduced our energy consumption by 4%. 

The Eco Warriors and the rest of the staff and children make sure that they 'switch off' their lights and devises and continue to save energy in school.


Well done Boundary!

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Switch Off Campaign

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Our most recent Energy Certificate saw us move from E to D rating! We are definitely moving in the right direction and our goal is to aim high for an A!

Switch Off 2017

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Boundary School Eco Code

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 Welcome to the Eco page of the website. We have been working hard this year to raise the profile and understanding of Eco issues with the help of the Eco Warriors.

They have been involved in organising and taking part in a number of campaigns with Mrs Shepherd (Schools Eco Leader) in conjunction with Eco Schools and the Pod. 

We have successfully raised all the staff's and pupil's awareness of the need to reduce Energy across the school, identifying ways of reducing food waste and organising a 'Keep Boundary Tidy' Litter pick as part of the Big School Clean Up campaign organised by 'Keep Britain Tidy.



Eco Planner

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