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Follow my lead!


1. Sit back to back

2. Starting at the black square, use clear instructions to your partner so they know which square to colour in next

3. Keep going until for have made a pattern

4. Compare your pictures... Are they the same? 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

"It was really good fun, it showed me how important it is to give be clear when you are trying to explain something. I didn't say which way to go next, I just said across. I should have said move to the left!"




"I knew Sam wanted me to go across but I went right and he meant left. It is like if you don't say something clearly people might misunderstand."


Communication and Teamwork!


Mrs. Jacques set us the challenge of moving the ball off the floor and onto the table, using only string and an elastic band. We had to talk to each other and guide one another in order to achieve the goal! 





"It was a lot of fun and it showed me how talking to people is very important, especially when trying to work as a team!" Russell