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Developing our growth mindset

We are learning about our brains and how we can make them the best they can be!

We are learning about our brains and how we can make them the best they can be! 1

"A growth mindset is a very good thing to have. It is where you never give up, so if a math question is hard and you just give up, that is a fixed mindset and we don’t have them at Boundary! We try, try, try!

We never give up!"



Creating our Brain Journals!

"Your brain helps you think and remember things. I didn't know it had so many jobs!"



We have been looking at 'Beautiful Oops' it is a brilliant book that shows us how our mistakes can be turned into something beautiful! Mrs. Jacques made a mistake with some of her work and she was worried that she had wasted lots of paper but we turned the mistake into amazing works of art! Now, we are moving on to create our own book of beautiful oops. Watch this space...
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"Any mistakes that we make, we keep and store them in the 'Mistake Keeper.' Each week we pick out a mistake and make it into something beautiful and put them in our own 'Book of Beautiful Mistakes.' It helps us to see that mistakes are a good thing and we can always learn from them." 


Looking at the different areas of the brain.


Cache had to rebuild the brain using the jigsaw. When completed, it showed him the different areas of the brain. He then researched these areas to find what each part does.


"I never really thought about how much our brains do. It does so many different things. No wonder we need to exercise it to help it grow!" 

Paper Fold Challenge!


Can you create the same model using only one piece of paper?




At first the children found it very difficult to work out how the model was created. They made several attempts to work it out. 


"I can't do this, it is too hard!"


BUT... success came when they worked as a team and encouraged each other to keep going.


"If we have a growth mindset, then we will see that the mistakes are actually helping us and they show us how to get it right!" 


"I never really thought of mistakes being a good thing but they are! They help us to learn!"