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Fur and feathers, scales and skin, What type of place do we live in?


This half term we will be learning all about animals, plants and their habitats.


Today we answered 'Is it alive, dead or was it never alive?'


We have been on a visit to the Zoo, where we met Emma who showed us lots of creepy crawlies. We enjoyed walking around and seeing the different animals like monkeys, parrots, elephants, giraffes and a crocodile! We had a great time.


We are writing recounts about our day using simple sentences.  We have been learning how to order a simple food chain and say what eats what.



We had a lovely afternoon sharing our learning with our parents and carers!



We have also been learning how to take care of our environment outside, by planting onions and gardening. We are building a bug hotel to look at the habitats that live near our school.

We practiced our cutting and sticking skills in design technology; we used food safely and hygienically to make cookies in Golden Time, we had to read the scales accurately.



Look at everything that we learnt!