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Mathematics at Boundary 


At Boundary, we believe mathematics is a fundamental part of the primary curriculum. Mathematical fluency and understanding provides children with a foundation for making sense of the world around them as well as the ability to reason mathematically. We aim to support children to develop to their full potential and become confident mathematicians.


Mathematics is taught every day.  All children take part in a daily lesson. In addition, a discrete mental maths session takes place daily to develop children’s conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.  ‘Maths Meetings’ are used to refresh and revisit key skills and concepts.



Reasoning and Problem Solving

Reasoning is a key element of developing strong mathematical understanding.  At Boundary we develop this through higher order questioning and encouraging children to explain their mathematical thinking.  We aim to enthuse children about mathematics alongside developing the characteristic of resilience through using and applying mathematics in different contexts involving stimulating and challenging problem solving.



Our classrooms offer stimulating, mathematical learning environments which encourage children to make links, develop an excellent number sense and see the importance of mathematics in everyday life.  Thus enabling them to apply their knowledge to the world around them. We encourage the use of practical apparatus and manipulatives to aid visualisation of a concept.

We are subscribed to, an interactive maths website that will prove to be very useful to consolidate learning and practice skills at home.


Children should have received their own login and password. You can access extra maths games anytime. If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher.

Please click on the links below to find activities to support your child’s maths.

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