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Today Nursery children were interested in Pirates! We talked about what we already know about Pirates and started to bury treasure and dig up gold from the sand pit. We are going to continue to learn about Pirates next week.
Picture 1 Digging for treasure!!
Picture 2 Aaaarrrggghhh!
Picture 3 We're having a pirate party!
Picture 4 We buried the gold coins in the sand.

Numbers Numbers Numbers!

This week we have been learning all about numbers! We have been searching for hidden pirate treasure chests and exploring the Numicon city! 
Picture 1 Building the Numicon city.
Picture 2 How many pegs fit in your Numicon tower?
Picture 3 How many eyes does your monster have?
Picture 4 Matching number to quantity. Good teamwork!
Picture 5 Number 3!
Picture 6 Investigating capacity using scoops and pots.
Picture 7 Can you hole punch the correct number of holes?
Picture 8 1..2..3!
Picture 9 Matching the number, dots and holes.
Picture 10 Printing with Numicon.
Picture 11 How many pegs fit in the Numicon pieces?
Picture 12 Its my book of numbers!

World Book Day!

This week we have also taken part in World Book Day! We designed our own World Book Day bookmarks and drew 'Selfies' of ourselves in our costumes! 
Picture 1 Drawing our World Book Day 'Selfies.'
Picture 2 It's me!
Picture 3 Woody and Jessies!
Picture 4 Designing our 'World Book Day Bookmark.'

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day is here! We mixed the flour, eggs and milk to make our pancakes, we all had a turn stirring the batter! After all that hard work we got to taste the pancakes! 
Picture 1 Lets add the flour!
Picture 2 Making the batter for our Pancakes.
Picture 3 We all had a turn at whisking the mixture.
Picture 4 All ready!
Picture 5 Time to taste.
Picture 6 Yummy!
Picture 7 Making pancakes in the kitchen.
Picture 8 Investigating numbers.
Picture 9 Matching numbers to quantity.

Welcome Back!

We have had a busy start to the half term! We have been exploring different types of transport. We've built our own vehicles using lots of different materials.
Picture 1 Our bus stop.
Picture 2 We made STOP signs for our bus stop.
Picture 3 Brrrrrm Brrrm!
Picture 4 We made our own road signs.
Picture 5 Reading stories together outside.
Picture 6 Painting the 'Naughty Bus.'
Picture 7 Beep Beep!
Picture 8 Washing the cars in our car wash.

Spring 2

Picture 1

Fit2Go with Blackpool Football Club

Blackpool Football club came in and taught us about being healthy. They did a session with our mummy's and daddy's too. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7


We had great fun doing lots of exploring, investigating and experimenting! We had to predict what might happen and explain why we thought things were happening. 
Picture 1 We looked inside different fruit and vegetables.
Picture 2 We explored flowers and looked at all the parts.
Picture 3 We did a rain cloud experiment
Picture 4 You use water and shaving foam...
Picture 5 and then drop food colouring on the shaving foam.
Picture 6 When the cloud gets full...
Picture 7 ...its starts to rain!
Picture 8 We made cloud dough with flour, oil & baking soda.
Picture 9 We explored the texture...
Picture 10 ...and then added vinegar!
Picture 11 It exploded like a volcano!

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year by making dragons, dancing and tasting chinese food. 
Picture 1 Using chop sticks - it was tricky!
Picture 2 Making Chinese dragons.
Picture 3 Dancing to chinese music.
Picture 4 Tasting chinese food.
Picture 5 Anyone for a prawn cracker?

The Gruffalo

All was quiet in the deep dark wood.... We had a great time reading the story "The Gruffalo". We were really good at retelling the story and joining in with the repeated story language. Have a look at our fab Gruffalo activities. 
Picture 1 Making Gruffalo crumble!
Picture 2 Anyone for owl ice cream?
Picture 3 We made our own Gruffalo faces.
Picture 4 Who has been leaving footprints in the nursery?
Picture 5 We rolled & moulded playdough to make Gruffalos.
Picture 6 Then we made salt dough Gruffalos

A Little Bit Of Winter!

The cold, frosty weather has been perfect for our winter theme! We have experiemented with ice, painted winter pictures, painted using winter colours and read a story about how a hedgehog helped his friends to keep warm in the winter. 
Picture 1 We described what winter feels like - "Spiky"!
Picture 2 Can you paint ice cubes?
Picture 3 We used coloured salt to try and melt the ice.
Picture 4 It left a big mess!
Picture 5 We painted winter scenes...
Picture 6 from "Here Comes Jack Frost"
Picture 7 Winter printing outside.
Picture 8
Picture 9 The numicon was in the snow!
Picture 10 Practicing our counting and recording numbers.
Picture 11 How many snowballs can you roll?
Picture 12 Making snowflakes.
Picture 13 Using scissors to give salt dough hedgehogs spikes
Picture 14 Making hot chocolate in the mud kitchen.
Picture 15 Looks delicious.
Picture 16 Transient art snowflakes.
Picture 17 What a frosty day!
Picture 18 The frozen mud didn't stop our fun!

Sparkle And Ice And All Things Nice!


We have a busy half term planned with lots of exploring and investigating. The children will be finding out about winter and what it looks and feels like. Have a look at our medium term plan and news letter and some photos of the first week back! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1 Exploring ice.
Picture 2 Exploring winter colours.
Picture 3 Rolling snowballs.
Picture 4 Printing with winter colours.
Picture 5 We painted using frozen paints.
Picture 6 Recognising numerals with a snowflake number splat
Picture 7 Painting ice.
Picture 8 Feeling cold on a winters days?
Picture 9 Go to Cafe Winter Warmers!
Picture 10 We painted winter scenes...
Picture 11 ...and practiced writing our names on Jack Frost.

It's nearly Christmas!

We have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas! We have read the Nativity story, made Christmas cards, decorated baubles, explored christmas decorations and had a magical Christmas sing along! 
Picture 1 We have had a very cheeky elf visiting!
Picture 2 He wrapped toilet roll all over nursery!
Picture 3 Making the nativity scene.
Picture 4 Christmas playdough.
Picture 5 Painitng with tinsel.
Picture 6 Christmas small world.
Picture 7 Delivering presents for Father Christmas.
Picture 8 Decorating baubles.
Picture 9 Making Christmas cards.
Picture 10 Our brilliant Elves!
Picture 11 Christmas jumper day.
Picture 12 Our Christmas Sing Along for our families.

Christmas Is Coming!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Nursery! We have been very busy making baubles to hang on our tree, getting Rudolf's bag ready for the big trip on the 24th and learning about the Nativity story. 
Picture 1 Decorated with handmade baubles!
Picture 2 Exploring our Christmas small world.
Picture 3 The snows started to melt!
Picture 4 We've really enjoyed reading the Nativity story.
Picture 5 Building houses for Santa!
Picture 6 Making Christmas decorations with playdough
Picture 7 Beautiful!
Picture 8 Counting sweets on to a Gingerbread House.
Picture 9 Packing Rudolfs bag.
Picture 10 All ready to go!
Picture 11 A bit of Christmas counting practise.
Picture 12 Shaving foam Christmas tree.
Picture 13 We explored how the colours mix together,
Picture 14 Helping to get ready for our Christmas Fair.
Picture 15 Good job boys!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants!

We enjoyed looking at dinosaurs so much that we carried on with the dinosaur theme this week. We read the story "Dinosaurs Love Underpants" and there were pants and dinosaurs all over the nursery! 
Picture 1 We designed new underpants for the dinosaurs.
Picture 2 Our transient art pants were rather fancy!
Picture 3 I think the dinosaurs will love them.
Picture 4 We used pants and dinosaurs to practise subitising
Picture 5 Subitising is when you can say how...
Picture 6 ... many objects there are without counting them.
Picture 7 The dionsaurs hid in our garden!
Picture 8 We had to hunt for them.
Picture 9 When we found a dinosaur we had to tick it off.
Picture 10 We enjoyed matching the dinosaurs to the pictures.
Picture 11 One day all the dinosaurs and pants went missing!
Picture 12 We followed pants to find the dinosaurs & pants.
Picture 13 There's one!
Picture 14 We found the missing pants and dinosaurs!
Picture 15 One dinosaur was wearing some pants!

Dinosaur Invasion!

This week we have been invaded by dinosaurs! They have been everywhere in Nursery and we have had so much fun exploring dinosaurs. 
Picture 1 We came in on Monday to find a dinosaur world!
Picture 2 We built our own dinosaurs out of junk modelling.
Picture 3 We searched for dinosaur bones in the sand.
Picture 4 Stegosaurus had lost his spikes!
Picture 5 We matched numeral and quantity to put them back.
Picture 6 Using loose parts in the dough to make dinosaurs.
Picture 7 Dinosaur transient art.
Picture 8 A little dinosaur land.
Picture 9 We made dinosaur shape pictures.
Picture 10 Giving the dinosaurs a bath.
Picture 11 We made dinosaur food in the mud kitchen.
Picture 12 They loved it!
Picture 13 The dinosaurs went missing!
Picture 14 We searched for them outside.
Picture 15 And took photographs when we found them.

Bonfire Night 


It was all sparkles and bangs in Nursery last week as we celebrated Bonfire Night.  
Picture 1 Counting firework stars.
Picture 2 Transient firework art.
Picture 3 Firework pictures with glue, salt & food colouring
Picture 4 We trickled the glue on.
Picture 5 Added the salt.
Picture 6 Added food colouring & watched it spread.
Picture 7 Firework splat pictures!
Picture 8 We loved splatting the paper.
Picture 9 Fabulous fireworks!
Picture 10 Firework explosions!
Picture 11 We dropped food colouring on to epsom salt.
Picture 12 We made our own rockets.
Picture 13 Sparkly water.
Picture 14 Making hot chocolate to keep us warm
Picture 15 Firework threading.
Picture 16


We had a spooky start to the half term! We have been doing lots of fun activities for Halloween. Have a look at the photographs if you dare! 
Picture 1 Threading spooky spider webs.
Picture 2 Hammering witches fingers in to pumpkins.
Picture 3 Mark making on mini pumpkins
Picture 4 Spooky witch writing!
Picture 5 We had to shine the torch to see.
Picture 6 Exploring a Halloween sensory tray.
Picture 7 Frozen spooky hands.
Picture 8 The witch made us some yucky jelly.

Autumn 2

Picture 1
Picture 1

Our Senses

This week we have been exploring our five senses. We have had lots of different smells, textures, sights and sounds to explore. We have had smelly playdough, the light box, sound shakers and texture balloons. When we went to use the paint, we found out it had been mixed with spices and when we looked in the water tray we found oranges and lemons floating in it! What a fun week we have had! 
Picture 1 All ready for us to make flavoured teabags.
Picture 2 We put different spices & flavours in to a teabag.
Picture 3 We put it in a cup and added water.
Picture 4 We stirred the teabag and watched the changes.
Picture 5 A delicious cup of tea.
Picture 6 We went for a sensory walk outside.
Picture 7 The grass tickled our feet!
Picture 8 The bark felt spiky!
Picture 9 The sand was wet!
Picture 10 We got very messy mark making in the flour.
Picture 11 Our cloud dough smelt delicious and felt smooth
Picture 12 We made our own sensory bags.
Picture 13 They were so squidgy!
Picture 14 Matching texture balloons to the right pictures.

Mystery and Magic

The children were interested in making magic wands, so we set up some magical activites for them. 
Picture 1 We made magic potions outside.
Picture 2 We worked together...
Picture 3 to stir and mix our potions.
Picture 4 We made numbered magic wands.
Picture 5 We loved investigating...
Picture 6 our magical slime.

The Day The Owls Came! 

We were really lucky to have a visit from SMJ Falconary this week. They brought four beautiful owls for us to see. We met JD, Midge, Spud and Dusty. We learnt lots of interesting owl facts and even got to hold an owl! 
Picture 1 This is Midge! He hunts a sunrise and sunset.
Picture 2 JD has amazing hearing to help him catch his prey.
Picture 3 Spud is a baby a owl.
Picture 4 Dusty enjoyed posing for a photo!
Picture 5 We were so lucky to hold an owl.
Picture 6 Midge was very calm with us.


Still image for this video
We even saw the owls fly! They were so graceful.

We have been having so much fun!

We have been so busy with our learning this half term. We have been reading the story "Owl Babies" and creating lots of different owls, counting owls and making food for them. We have been doing lots of investigating and exploring and developing our physical devevlopment. Take a look at what we have been up to! 
Picture 1 The Owl Babies escaped from Nursery!
Picture 2 We looked around school to find them.
Picture 3 Then we counted them to make sure we had them all.
Picture 4 We used potatoes to print owls.
Picture 5
Picture 6 We used scissors and whole punches...
Picture 7 to make these owls.
Picture 8 Mummy owl couldn't find enough food.
Picture 9 The owl babies sent us the ingredients...
Picture 10 to make bird feeders.
Picture 11 We have been finding all sorts of ways to...
Picture 12 practice our cutting skills.
Picture 13 We love doing our Funky Fingers activities.
Picture 14 The children showed an interest in superheroes.
Picture 15 So we made some sparkly masks!
Picture 16 Watch out world! We're coming to save you!
Picture 17 Exploring water beads.
Picture 18 They went bouncing down the drain pipe!
Picture 19 Look at all these!
Picture 20 We explored the numicon using the water beads.
Picture 21 What else is there to do on a rainy day!
Picture 22 Jump in muddy puddles!
Picture 23 Taking risks in a safe environment.
Picture 24 Open ended activities...
Picture 25 help to develop our communication...
Picture 26 and build our confidence.
Picture 27

What a busy two weeks!


Our first two weeks of term have been super! We are so proud of all the children and how well they have settled in - they have really got stuck in to life at Nursery! 

We have spent our time becoming familiar with the rules and routines, exploring the nursery environment and forming some really good relationships. We have also started to read the story "Owl Babies" and have been doing some super owl arts and crafts. 


Picture 1 We were very creative making owls with playdough.
Picture 2 We thought very carefully about our owls.
Picture 3 What a smashing owl!
Picture 4 Twit twoo!
Picture 5 We used different shapes to make owls.
Picture 6 We painted owl pictures.
Picture 7 Play dough owls!
Picture 8 There was drama when a worm fell in some water!
Picture 9 "I can use this to get him out!
Picture 10 Phew! The worm was saved!
Picture 11 Exploring different materials in the tuff tray.
Picture 12 We have been drawing portraits.
Picture 13 Exploring our resources.

Autumn 1

A warm welcome to all our new starters and hello again to our returning children! We are really looking forward to a wonderful year filled with lots of magic and adventures! Below is our medium term plan for the first half term and our news letter - have a look to see what treats are in store! 
Picture 1
Picture 2

Nursery Overview 2017/18



We have had a wonderful year in nursery and the children have really blossomed. We have packed so much in and have had lots of different experiences. We started off the year reading “Owl Babies” and learning all about autumn. We went on a Bear Hunt, explored ice when Jack Frost visited and had a lot of trouble with a Naughty Bus! We have really enjoyed superheroes and have done lots of imaginative play and problem solving. In the spring we had some caterpillars delivered and we learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly. The summer brought a special treat when an ice cream van visited us and we did lots of activities based around the beach. Phew – what a busy year!

Nursery Class of 2016/2017


The children in Nursery have had a fantastic year!

We started the year reading the Owl Babies and got the opportunity to meet some real owls.

Over the past twelve months we have explored space and visited the moon, helped Super worm with his challenges and been on a magical mystery tour.

The Nursery has been involved in the SEMH project that promotes and encourages collaborative play. This has helped develop the children speech and language development, their social development and how they manage their own feelings and behaviour.

The older Nursery children are very excited about moving up to Reception.