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What a busy two weeks!


Our first two weeks of term have been super! We are so proud of all the children and how well they have settled in - they have really got stuck in to life at Nursery! 

We have spent our time becoming familiar with the rules and routines, exploring the nursery environment and forming some really good relationships. We have also started to read the story "Owl Babies" and have been doing some super owl arts and crafts. 


Picture 1 We were very creative making owls with playdough.
Picture 2 We thought very carefully about our owls.
Picture 3 What a smashing owl!
Picture 4 Twit twoo!
Picture 5 We used different shapes to make owls.
Picture 6 We painted owl pictures.
Picture 7 Play dough owls!
Picture 8 There was drama when a worm fell in some water!
Picture 9 "I can use this to get him out!
Picture 10 Phew! The worm was saved!
Picture 11 Exploring different materials in the tuff tray.
Picture 12 We have been drawing portraits.
Picture 13 Exploring our resources.

Autumn 1

A warm welcome to all our new starters and hello again to our returning children! We are really looking forward to a wonderful year filled with lots of magic and adventures! Below is our medium term plan for the first half term and our news letter - have a look to see what treats are in store! 
Picture 1
Picture 2

Nursery Overview 2017/18



We have had a wonderful year in nursery and the children have really blossomed. We have packed so much in and have had lots of different experiences. We started off the year reading “Owl Babies” and learning all about autumn. We went on a Bear Hunt, explored ice when Jack Frost visited and had a lot of trouble with a Naughty Bus! We have really enjoyed superheroes and have done lots of imaginative play and problem solving. In the spring we had some caterpillars delivered and we learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly. The summer brought a special treat when an ice cream van visited us and we did lots of activities based around the beach. Phew – what a busy year!

Nursery Class of 2016/2017


The children in Nursery have had a fantastic year!

We started the year reading the Owl Babies and got the opportunity to meet some real owls.

Over the past twelve months we have explored space and visited the moon, helped Super worm with his challenges and been on a magical mystery tour.

The Nursery has been involved in the SEMH project that promotes and encourages collaborative play. This has helped develop the children speech and language development, their social development and how they manage their own feelings and behaviour.

The older Nursery children are very excited about moving up to Reception.