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Marvellous Me!

Marvellous Me! 1 Kyron has been busy learning to write his name.
Marvellous Me! 2 Role playing in the home corner.
Marvellous Me! 3 Collaging our faces using loose parts.
Marvellous Me! 4 Building a town and labelling it.
Marvellous Me! 5 Would you like some birthday cake?
In Reception this week we have been busy practising writing our name, trying hard to form our letters correctly.  We have also been talking about our families and the things we do together, using different loose parts to collage our own faces, role playing in our home corner and taking about where we live and our local area. 

Settling into new routines

Settling into new routines 1 Ellie-Mae ordering her pudding from the hatch.
Settling into new routines 2 Kian confidently asked for his meatball sub.
Settling into new routines 3 I'm Cutting my own food up.
Settling into new routines 4 Dayle trying hard to cut up his own food.
Settling into new routines 5 This is delicious!
Settling into new routines 6 Picking from the salad bar.
Settling into new routines 7 Can I have cucumber please?
Settling into new routines 8 Remembering to use our manners.
Settling into new routines 9 Please can I have some pasta?

Our first week in Reception

Our first week in Reception 1 Using the play dough to make cupcakes
Our first week in Reception 2 Digging for bugs
Our first week in Reception 3 Watering the plants
Our first week in Reception 4 Balancing on the stepping stones
Our first week in Reception 5 Practising my name
Our first week in Reception 6 Painting Cinderella
Our first week in Reception 7 Playing with the dinosaurs outside
Our first week in Reception 8 Counting the numicon pegs
Our first week in Reception 9 Playing at the storytelling table

This is what we will be learning....

This is what we will be learning.... 1
This is what we will be learning.... 2

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new reception children to Boundary.  We are looking forward to an exciting half term full of lots of fun activities.  Below is a copy of our meduim term plan and newsletter.  Have a look at what we will being doing in class this half term.  


Miss Morris and Mrs Farley


2017-2018- A Year in Review


What a great start Reception have had made in their school life! We have had a jam-packed year of learning, finding out new things and making new friends. We enjoyed a trip to he woods where we looked for signs of Autumn and even spotted some mysterious fairy doors hidden in the bushes. We have been busy learning our letter sounds, segmenting and blending them to read and write and written sentences. We had a great time at Blackpool Zoo, which sparked of lots of interesting discussions about animals and their habitats. In the Summer term some duck eggs were delivered to our classrooms and we were lucky enough to observe the duckling hatching, We enjoyed caring for the ducklings, feeding them, bathing them and holding them.


We have had a fantastic year in Reception and we are looking forward to the new challenges and learning experiences in Year 1.

Reception Class of 2016/17


The children in Reception have had a very busy year. They have learnt to get along with each, to listen and share their ideas and have developed good characteristics for learning. They particularly enjoyed visiting Salisbury Wood in the Autumn term and looking after newly hatched ducklings in the summer term. The children are proud of their achievements and are looking forward to year one.