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Religious Education, PHSE and learning about what do people believe?

We have been learning about measures using mathematical language: bigger, smaller, shorter, taller, lighter and heavier.

We have been practicing using a ruler to measure height and have started to use scales to measure mass. We have been learning about using arrays to do multiplication and division. 




We discussed firework safety and watched the fireman Sam top tips.

We use chalks to create our own firework pictures...


We learnt how to make poppy crosses to remember soldiers who have fallen in the Wars. We planted our Poppies in the Garden of Remembrance and took part in the School Service. 


During Anti-Bullying Week we took part in discussions about being a Buddy not a Bully. We have been doing a lot of PHSE every day to make sure we understand how to do the right thing and to make good behaviour choices, by following the Butterfly Garden Rules. We talked with the Green Room about different pictures, what makes a normal family and how we are all different but all special. 



As part of our Topic we sketched artefacts of Jesus on the Cross, Buddha and thought about the different ways that people show their beliefs.  We retold the Rama and Sita Story and we retold the Story of Noah and the Ark, by ordering the pictures, orally retelling the story and then writing the story using Colourful Semantics. 



We fundraised for our school by making Angels with the Green Room. We decorated our classroom and the elf came to visit every day. We wrote our own instructions for The Green Room about how to make a melted snowman biscuit. 




What do people believe? Topic Overview

What do we believe - Homework....