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We explored respect and discussed what it means to us, how we show it to others and how we earn it.


What is respect?


M: Respect is about being polite, honest and treating people how you would like to be treated.

T: It is about being a good, kind and caring person and respecting the people around you.


How do you show respect?


M: By speaking in a good manner, not shouting or getting aggressive and by having self control. It is about doing what you have been asked.

T: You show you have respect by speaking in the right way, helping people and having good manners. You need to be a respectful person, it is the right thing to do.


How do you earn respect?


M: You can earn other people's respect by controlling your anger around people. Showing people you are nice and a polite person.

T: By admitting when you are wrong, being able to say sorry. Helping people when they need it and by being a good friend.


Apart from other people, is there anything else you can show respect to?


T: Property. The things around you. You show respect to property by not kicking it or writing on it. Like, you wouldn't graffiti on a wall because it is disrespectful. 


Exploring how to show respect.



Examples of showing respect



"This is a way of showing respect, by shaking someone's hand after a disagreement. It is always the right thing to do to make friends."




"Holding the door open for someone, this is being respectful. It is also polite."