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Spring 2 2017


School's Alive Update


As our School's Alive production was such a success, we have decided to enter our children into the 'Choir of the Year' competition with an adaptation of one of our songs. In addition to this, we will also be learning a new track which is on this page for the children to listen to and begin to learn at home.  The same children will continue to rehearse on a Thursday evening as they have all year. Any changes to collection arrangements, please let Mrs. Copley or Miss Dufour know directly or call the office. 



School's Alive 2017

School's Alive 2017 1

Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Open Your Eyes Lyrics 1
Open Your Eyes Lyrics 2

Open Your Eyes Track

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After School Clubs

Spring 1 2017 





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Schools Alive


Schools Alive is a KS2-based club for children to rehearse our performance at the Grand Theatre on Tuesday 7th February. We are currently practicing Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' and it is bound to be a wonderful show!

Have you got your tickets yet?

Film Club


This club is open to Year 3-6, and so far this half term we have started watching Madagascar. When we have finished the film, we will be writing a short review about the plot, main story line, best and worst parts and give a personal recommendation and score about the film. 

Do you have any suggestions for what our next film should be? 


Archery Club


We use soft archery sets at our archery club, allowing the children to discover the sport safely. We are looking to develop the children's aim, co-ordination and balance. When we have improved our skills we will start to hold archery competitions. 

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Design Technology Club


In Design Technology we have been been learning about structures. We planned how to make our structures strong and then used paper, spaghetti and marshmallows to build them.  

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KS1 Football


KS1 football is about learning the fundamentals of football in a fun environment through a series of games and drills. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:


Stages of Development

Social, Emotional & Cognitive

  • Can play any game with good attention and awareness skills.
  • Develops an understanding of the importance of team play.
  • Develops an understanding of positional play in real match scenarios.
  • There is a focus on awareness that it is not winning or losing that is the most important thing but making an effort and playing fair


  • Improved ability for the body to respond to certain physical movements and activities.
  • Children develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of and how additional effort can enhance performance.

Football Specific

  • Can dribble evasively with good close control.
  • Has basic mastery of the ball with ability to take it/kick it in any direction with relative accuracy.
  • Can perform a variety of different kicks.
  • Understands how to kick the ball with different parts of the foot and the resulting movement of the ball.
  • Learns and understands the basic rules of a match.

Key Stage 1 Multi-Skills Club


This half term on a Tuesday night we have been having lots of fun at multi-skills club! Multi-skills is a non-sport specific, fun, challenging and enjoyable starting point for children’s involvement in sport. We have been improving our throwing and catching skills, learning what agility is and working on our teamwork. All these skills and techniques will help us play a range of different games, activities and sports.

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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Club


The Anti-Bullying club runs every Monday 3.30 - 4pm.


It’s a chance for the ambassadors to get together to share their experiences from on the playground and support each other.


The ambassadors also receive up-to-date training so that they can help and support our children on the playgrounds.


We are very proud of the work the Ambassadors do and of their commitment to their peers.


The club is open to years three to six.

We welcome new ambassadors to join us, when the year six’s begin their SAT’s and prepare to leave and move on to high school.