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School Council


At Boundary Primary School we are proud of our School Council as it represents the views and opinions of the most important people in the School, our children. Two children from each class are democratically chosen at the start of each new school year by their classmates to represent the views of the whole class during council meetings. Our children thrive on the trust placed in them and take the responsibility of being a council member very seriously.


During the year, the Council take part in a variety of activities that help to provide information about the well-being of our children, to make important decisions which effect other children in the school and continue to help our school to become an even better place to learn.


Picture 1 Connor - 1WD
Picture 2 Mollie - 1WD
Picture 3 Ava - 1W
Picture 4 Lola - 1W
Picture 5 Zachary - 2P
Picture 6 Emily - 2P
Picture 7 Ralphie - 2J
Picture 8 Jamie - Jay - 2J
Picture 9 Deacon - 3J
Picture 10 Nicole - 3J
Picture 11 Nathan - 4F
Picture 12 Tyler - 4F
Picture 13 Ella - 4C
Picture 14 Charlie - 4C
Picture 15 Star - 5C
Picture 16 Joshua - Kai - 5C
Picture 17 Jacob - 5D
Picture 18 Matilda - 5D
Picture 19 Alex - 6H
Picture 20 Annie - 6D
Picture 21 Kai - 6D
Picture 1