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Self Control



During a group session we explored self control and how we can show we are in control of the choices we make. 


We discussed whether we thought The Hulk showed self control... 




Q Is The Hulk always angry?

"No, he can sometimes be a normal man who has friends and helps people, he is caring." LIAM


Q How does The Hulk stay calm?

"He only gets angry when he has to. He breaths deeply and talks about his thoughts and feelings to his friends like Ironman." RYAN


Q Is The Hulk a good person, even though he sometimes gets angry?

"Yes, just because he sometimes gets cross does not mean he is not a good person deep down." JACOB


From this discussion, we looked at what we have to support us to stay calm and in control when we can feel ourselves getting angry. We labelled our 'Self Controller' to remind us of our strategies we have in place.









The Bubble Game!



1. Sit on the floor with your arms and legs crossed

2. Get a friend to blow bubbles towards you

3. DO NOT POP ANY! Let them all fall to the floor... 

4. If you manage to show SELF CONTROL and not pop any bubbles, on the next round you can pop one bubble

5. If you only pop one bubble, then you can move on to two bubbles and so on.


BUT if you do not manage to show SELF CONTROL then you have to start all over again!


"It is really tricky not to pop any at first but if you keep trying then you get to pop lots and lots! You just have to show self control!" TJ