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Self Control

Keep calm and carry on!

Keeping yourself calm in difficult situations can be very tricky. Here at Boundary we understand how important self control is (it is one of our Always Characteristics!) 


We have been reading 'The Red Beast' and 'The Anger Gremlin' and creating our own self help guide to keeping calm and staying in control!






The Red Beast.


This book shows us that everybody has a little sleeping anger beast inside them and that is OK. We all have one but what wakes them is different for each person.



"I like this picture because it shows lots of different people who all have an anger beast sleeping inside them."



What we realised is that each person's anger beast wakes up for different reasons. This is personal to each individual and what might make someone else cross might not make another person cross. We are all different!


From reading this book we have drawn how we see our anger beasts, identified what feeds our beasts (triggers) and then created our own anger antidote (strategies)!







The Anger Gremlin!




We are now beginning to unpick any incidents that happen. This is very important as we can reflect and learn from our mistakes. By keeping an anger diary we can look at what went wrong and how we can improve ourselves in order to make ourselves the best we can be!