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Spring 1

 Year 1

This half term we have been looking at the fundamental skill of catching, mostly using a ball but also at using other pieces of equipment and how they might be different to how we catch a ball. As this is a new skill to many of our children we started off slowly, increasing self-confidence using different pieces of equipment before slowly increasing the level of difficulty, so that the children are stretched slightly each time. The children have learned how to predict the timing and waiting for the ball; position of hands; keeping still when throwing and catching, etc. They begun by practicing catching from a static position and have progressed to dynamic catching which would be more game based.


The children have also performed the dance Penguin Small during P.E. They have used their imaginations to explore the story of Penguin Small on his adventures: hiding from polar bears, meeting the jungly animals, sailing in the snowman’s hat and even taking to the air! Doing this has helped the children to develop the awareness of space, of themselves and of others and to express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using a widening range of movements.


Year 2

In Year 2 we have looked at the basic rules and skills required for a Net and Wall type game as opposed to specific games like tennis or badminton that our KS2 pupils play. The children have looked at playing a game called ‘2 Bounce’. The aim is to score points by throwing or hitting a ball over a line/net so that it bounces twice, with the first bounce in the court area. The game is played two against two; each pair should have one player with a racket and one without. Players who do not have a racket ‘feed’ a ball to their partners, who then try to hit it over the line/net into their opponents’ court. When the ball goes over the net, the player without the racket on the other side tries to intercept or catch the ball before it bounces twice, before feeding it to their own partner. This game is a great introduction to Net and Wall type games as many of the skills learned such as spatial awareness and court positioning are transferable later on in pupils development. Many of these games develop spatial awareness and court positioning.


Year 3

Having looked extensively at invasion games in ‘Three Touch Ball’ the pupils have been looking at how they can apply and adapt the skills they have learned into a very different type of invasion game, tag rugby. Tag Rugby is played much like Rugby League but is a minimal/ non-contact team game in which each player wears a belt with velcro patches with two tags attached to them. The attacking players attempt to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by "tagging" - pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier. The types of pass and use of space are unique in rugby and it was interesting to see the children adapting to this ‘new’ challenge.


Year 4

While the children have continued to work hard at their swimming they also took part in a Fit2Go program delivered by Blackpool FC. Fit2Go aims to encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle, take part in regular physical activity and to join in with local sports clubs and community programmes that will ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing. The lessons our Year 4 pupils received were based on a programme of increased physical activity and health education that included:

  • Healthy lifestyle classroom based sessions
  • Physical activity sessions organised around the school day
  • Extracurricular sessions after school
  • Family health workshops
  • Fit2Go celebration festivals and quizzes at Bloomfield Road


Year 5

Having looked at invasion games with High 5 Netball in our previous term we began this term by continuing with our invasion games objectives but we have looked at how they might need to be adapted to fit a different team/ field game. With Hockey the children had to first learn the safety aspects of the game before moving onto more complex movements such as passing, dribbling and shooting. The children adapted their skill set really well and rose to the challenge.


Year 6

Like Year 3, Year 6 also looked at the topic of Tag Rugby and whilst they also had to learn the rules and basic skills of the game they inevitably progressed at a faster rate. The emphasis this term was on the children leading their own games and playing to agreed rules. After some practice the children were able to agree on and set up their own pitches, teams and mini tournaments. The children took on the responsibility of refereeing their own games and resolving any disputes as best they could.