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The Shield

Welcome to The Shield!

'Inside us all there is a superhero, you just need the courage to put on the cape'


The Shield is a safe, quiet and relaxing place for all our children to enjoy. Children can use the room to explore all their different thoughts, feelings and emotions that they may experience throughout their school day.


We have different zones for different purposes. There is a self regulation area, chill out zone, reflection area and a quiet area to talk through any worries the children may have.


"I really enjoy being in here. It makes me feel safe. It is nice knowing there is somewhere different to go in school."



"The red table is for when you are feeling cross. You sit here and give yourself chance to calm down."

"The yellow table is for when you are a little bit annoyed but not so mad you have to sit at the red table."

"The blue table is when you are calming down. It is here that the adults will have a conversation with you about what went wrong."

"This is where you sit when you are confident that you are ready to go back to class and make things right again."


"We use this area to show how we are feeling without needing to speak. If I sit at the red table, the adults around me know I am cross. If I sit at the blue table, the adults know I need to calm down. It is really good for me because sometimes I don't want to speak straight away."



"The Shield is a great place. It calms me down when I feel angry or worried. There are displays that give you advice, beans bags to sit on to help you relax and a view out over the playground. I really do love the Shield." 





For more information about our Boundary 'Always' badges, please see the link below:

Boundary Promise Workshops





Characteristics of an 'Always' pupil


Throughout the pages you will see the characteristics highlighted in yellow. How many can you find?


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Ocean Of Emotion


During a circle time, we looked at all the different emotions we can sometimes feel. We discussed why we felt like this and offered each other advice and strategies on how to manage our feelings.


From here, we decided that the following feelings were most common within the group and decided on a colour that would best suit this emotion.


Overjoyed - yellow

Anger/rage - red

Calm - green

Excited - purple

Worried - grey


Next we designed our own 'ocean' showing all the different feelings we have felt during the week! 





"Look, if you mix grey with purple, it makes a deeper colour... that is a whole new feeling! Mixing worried with excited... that is like being anxious!" Tyler


"Some days the ocean is calm and other days it isn't! So, really, my emotions are a bit like the ocean!" Cache