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We start each half term with a trip related to the topic we are learning about, have a look at where we have been.

Autumn 1 and our first WOW trip to Blackpool Zoo to investigate skeletons, bones, vertebrate and invertebrates.

We had a very interesting workshop with a Zoo Keeper who introduced us to two different species of invertebrate, a hissing cockroach and a stick insect, we were allowed to hold them.  She also showed us a giraffe leg bone, which was nearly as tall as us, elephants teeth and even a whale tooth!


Picture 1 Spot the gorilla!
Picture 2 Is a stick insect an invertebrate?
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1 The brown spots on their chests are all unique.
Picture 2 Sea-lions have very sensitive whiskers.
Picture 3
Picture 4 Tigers are carnivores which mean they eat meat.
Picture 5 Let sleeping lions lie!
Picture 6 A kick from an adult giraffe can kill a lion.
Picture 7 Their spine is attached to the inside of the shell

After our workshop we looked at other animals, recorded if they were vertebrates or not.  We also enjoyed the sea-lion and penguin talk.