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Home Learning

Home Learning 1

Road trip:Transport through the ages.

We have been learning about transport through the ages. We have discovered the changes to cars, trains and planes. We designed and built our own cars.

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Maths in the Outside Area

Using our water tray, we have looked at capacity. We know when something is empty, half full or full. We experimented with how many smaller cups filled the larger objects. We began to look at the jugs and how they are marked, filling them was tricky.


Our favourite game is washing line times tables. The labels are hidden in the outside and we have to find them, sort them and the put them on the washing line in the right order. We are learning our 2,5 and 10 times tables. Next will be the 3s!


We have been learning how to spell in the sand! We choose a word card, find the letters, make the word and spell it to an adult.

Road trip: Where do we live?

We looked at where our homes are on google street map, how we got to school and the route we took. We looked at different houses and what they are made from. We read different versions of the Three Little Pigs and enjoyed making the characters. We made our own version.

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