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Year 2

Year 2 Class of 2016/17


Year two have enjoyed a fabulous year. With our trips to the amazing Blackpool Tower, Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo where the children had lots of fun exploring their local area and getting to know the animals!

Plus we had a visit from a circus school, where we all learnt new tricks, plus we also got the chance to turn into 'WILD THINGS' for the day, which was lots of fun! The year two children also got to go back in time and spent the day as Victorian children, which at times was a little bit terrifying and I'm sure they will all say they are glad it is 2017!!!!

From healthy pizza's to bedside lamps the children have been kept busy learning lots of new ideas and gaining new skills.

We even survived the SAT's!  

A Big well done to all the children in year two 2016-17! 

You we're fabulous! 


Miss Park, Miss Dodgson and Miss Morris