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Year 3

Year 3: A Year in Review 2017/18


What an amazing Year it has been for us in Year 3 this year! We started off the year by exploring force and magnetism in Science; we even had our own magnetic magic show as part of our WOW.

From fractions, to times tables, to written methods of column addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, maths lessons have developed our resilience and growth mindset. We love a challenge and we show determination to complete it!

Creativity and imagination are characteristics build upon in Art and Design this year. We studied different artists and used their ideas to create our own art.

For many of us SAMBA drumming lessons have been a highlight of Year 3. We worked together and produced several pieces of music, performing our final piece to the rest of the school. A great achievement!

Well done Year 3, you have worked hard this Year and you should be very proud of yourselves, we certainty are. Keep up the hard work in Year 4!




What an exciting 2016/17 we have had! 


Take a look at some of our fantastic learning from the past year.


During Year 3, we have had an amazing time learning about how the past has influenced the future in relation to our ‘Groovy Greeks’ topic. We excelled in our very own ‘Boundary Olympic Games’ where we were split into four nations and competed to win the title. The winners were ‘USA’ with Finley as their captain. Cheering each other on, we showed how we are ‘Always’ children who show many of the schools’ characteristics.


From ‘Forces’ to ‘Light’ to ‘Animals including humans’ we have learnt a variety of scientific topics where we learnt how to use an investigative mind to help set up experiments to aid our subject knowledge. In Maths, we have shown that we are resilient in learning new things and how to be perseverant when faced with challenging tasks. During our Reading Into Writing journeys we have written a range of genres and particularly enjoyed our journey of writing following a story that Dan Worsley had written especially for us. We enjoyed listening to him telling a story and how to recreate our own version of it. We spent the morning retelling our stories to Dan, where we wore his waistcoat and acted in his role as an author.


We have all thoroughly enjoyed Year 3 and we can’t wait to see what challenges await us Year 4.


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