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Year 6

Spring 1 - Welcome back!


Welcome back all of you and a happy new year! We hope that you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed lots of Christmas fun! This is going to be another busy half term and we have planned lots of interesting lessons for you. Below you will find our topic overview, newsletter and spellings. There isn't a homework challenge sheet for this half term as you will be completing weekly homework tasks in preparation for your SATs.

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Autumn 2

Designing and making Christmas lights using circuits.

Experimenting with electricity @ Aspire 13.11.17

Our Wow - Life without Electricity

Our Wow - Life without Electricity 1 Year 6 experienced the morning without electricity
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 2 "We discussed life without electricity"
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 3 "We worked in teams" Owen
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 4
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 5

Autumn 1

Computing: Coding and Programming

Computing: Coding and Programming 1 "It was difficult at first but I can do it now"
Computing: Coding and Programming 2 "We had to use lines of code" Callum
Computing: Coding and Programming 3 "Debugging means problem solving" Alex
Computing: Coding and Programming 4
Computing: Coding and Programming 5
Computing: Coding and Programming 6 "I'd like to be a programmer when I grow up"
Computing: Coding and Programming 7

P.E. F.A. Skills

P.E. F.A. Skills 1
P.E. F.A. Skills 2
P.E. F.A. Skills 3
P.E. F.A. Skills 4

Year 6 Harvest Assembly

Year 6 Harvest Assembly 1 Year 6 lead our whole school Harvest assembly
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 2 We said thank you to people who grow our food
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 3 Children brought in a range of tinned goods
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 4 These items were donated to Vincent House
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 5 We are thankful that we have enough to eat

Class Novel: Alex Rider - Design a gadget using persuasive vocabulary

First day back WOW - Once Upon a Crime