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Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful holiday and are ready for a very busy half term. As you are aware, you will be sitting your SATs in May and all we ask is that you all work as hard as you can in the weeks before the tests. Below you will find a brief overview of what we will be covering this half term.

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Science Day!!


On Friday, we were given an investigation into air resistance. We had to decide which of the following items would fall the fastest/slowest using scientific explanations:

  • Feather
  • Paper clip
  • Paper


We worked in groups to discuss the key question and to devise how best to go about investigating the speed at which these objects fell. We all agreed that we should time each item falling 3 times and then find an average time to ensure the test was as accurate as possible. The following presentation will give you more information!

This is what we find out...

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Tennis skills!


This week in PE we have been developing our tennis skills. We began by ensuring we could control the ball on our racquet in a variety of ways. Next, we looked at both the forehand and backhand shot and how to use these when hitting a ball back to our partner. When we felt more confident with this we began rallying with our partner. By the end of the session we evaluated our own skills - some of us realised we need to have more control over how hard we hit the ball whilst others need to make sure we direct the ball in a particular direction.


Practice SATs


With only a few weeks to go until the SATs, we have been working hard to revisit areas of learning from Year 3-6. We are being put through our paces this week with some practice tests and we are all working really hard to reach pass marks. 

Snow Day

Snow Day 1 When we had snow, we made the most of it.
Snow Day 2 Year 6 spent their break making snowmen.
Snow Day 3 It was fun pretending to throw snow.
Snow Day 4
Snow Day 5 One of our finished snowmen!

World Book Day

Today we have all had a fun day for World Book Day. In the morning, we celebrated the day with a whole school assembly where Mrs. Bunday shared different ways we can read and share stories together, both at home and in school.

In the afternoon, we used the website below to read extracts from a range of different books and write reviews about them. Many of us said we would like to read on as they were very interesting and entertaining. Here we are in our brilliant outfits.

Spring 2 WOW - Making volcanoes!





Welcome back everyone. We hope you all enjoyed your week off and did lots of fun things. Find out what we will be learning this half term below.

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Art and Music


This week we have all taken part in a Music and Art day. With Mrs Hamilton, we listened to and appraised the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. This involved identifying instruments in the song and discussing which parts were the verses, choruses and bridges. We then discussed what the pulse of a song is and clapped along with the pulse. We also used xylophones to copy given sequences of notes. Finally, we sang the song by breaking down each part and singing in unison.


In Art with Miss Dufour, we were introduced to the artist Claude Monet. We started by looking at some of his paintings and critiqued them, saying what we liked and disliked about them. Next, we experimented with water colours and mixing them to give similar colours as those used in his pieces of art work. Finally, we all did our own landscape painting in his style.


We have had a great week and it was nice to finish the half term in such an artistic way!



It has been another busy week of learning in Year 6! We began the week by using our new knowledge from last week of the Linnaean classification system and using this to group a range of animals. From this, we looked at microorganisms in order to plan an investigation into the conditions that affect the growth of mould on bread.


I’m sure you’ll agree that this sounds a lot but we have all shown determination and perseverance and are working hard to be the best we can be!


We hope you all have a safe and happy weekend and remember, as Miss. Ashton always says, keep reading!



Autumn 2

Designing and making Christmas lights using circuits.

Experimenting with electricity @ Aspire 13.11.17

Our Wow - Life without Electricity

Our Wow - Life without Electricity 1 Year 6 experienced the morning without electricity
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 2 "We discussed life without electricity"
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 3 "We worked in teams" Owen
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 4
Our Wow - Life without Electricity 5

Autumn 1

Computing: Coding and Programming

Computing: Coding and Programming 1 "It was difficult at first but I can do it now"
Computing: Coding and Programming 2 "We had to use lines of code" Callum
Computing: Coding and Programming 3 "Debugging means problem solving" Alex
Computing: Coding and Programming 4
Computing: Coding and Programming 5
Computing: Coding and Programming 6 "I'd like to be a programmer when I grow up"
Computing: Coding and Programming 7

P.E. F.A. Skills

P.E. F.A. Skills 1
P.E. F.A. Skills 2
P.E. F.A. Skills 3
P.E. F.A. Skills 4

Year 6 Harvest Assembly

Year 6 Harvest Assembly 1 Year 6 lead our whole school Harvest assembly
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 2 We said thank you to people who grow our food
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 3 Children brought in a range of tinned goods
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 4 These items were donated to Vincent House
Year 6 Harvest Assembly 5 We are thankful that we have enough to eat

Class Novel: Alex Rider - Design a gadget using persuasive vocabulary

First day back WOW - Once Upon a Crime