Boundary House Teams


A House System was introduced at Boundary Primary School as we felt it would give real meaning to trying hard and thereby gaining points.

House points could be used to create a real feeling of teamwork and give us some healthy competition with each other. It could also contribute to bringing together children across the Key Stages and bringing younger and older children together for different activities. Many of the staff had positive experiences of house points at their schools and after discussion at a staff meeting we decided to ‘go for it’.

Firstly though, we had to decide on team names. We looked in the Local Area for inspiration and came up with House Point names from the Local Area they are;

  • Bathurst
  • Rodwell
  • Elston
  • Chepstow

Pupils are allocated a House when they join Boundary, this will be the same House as any brothers or sisters. 

There is a House Captain from Year 6 who’s responsibility, among other things, is to collect the house point trophy at the end of each week and attend a House Point meeting. House point scores are updated every week and announced in Friday’s Whole School Assembly. Take a look at the Leaderboard in the Hall to see the weekly winner.