Important notice for all parents and carers – Dropping off and picking up your child/ren

The start of the day

Please note that all gates close at 8:45am
Please remember not to gather around the gates and to maintain social distancing at all times.
If you have any questions or need to speak to your child’s class teacher, please telephone the school office as we are not able to have face-to-face meetings at the gate.
We appreciate your support during this time and we are very proud of how well all our children continue to follow the new procedures in school with the support and encouragement of yourselves and our staff.
Notice for Year 4 Parents and Carers:
At the end of the day, your child/ren will be brought out from their classroom by their teacher and will line up on the MUGA, please only collect your child at this point. This will ensure that their teacher can ensure they have been picked up by the correct adult.

The end of the day

As we have now been open for a number of days we have noticed a concerning lack of social distancing by parents and carers. Therefore, we are enhancing our COVID Safe rules.
We recommend that face coverings are worn by all parents and carers who are medically able to do so – staff will also be wearing face coverings.
To further ensure safe exiting at the end of the date, we will now stagger the collection times:
Year 3 – finish at 3:15pm
Year 4 – finish at 3:10pm
Year 5 – finish at 3:20pm
Year 6 – finish at 3:25pm
The gates will still open from 3pm

Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2

 There will be no changes to Reception and Key Stage 1 at this time, however, this situation is under constant review. Please remember, do not call your child over to you, they will be brought to you by a member of staff.
Please follow these new procedures to help keep your child safe.
As always, for those parents/carers who have to collect children from Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1, staff will still wait with your child until you can collect them from their designated zone.

Our Advice for Parents and Carers