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Year 2 Visit from Lancashire Fire and Rescue

Year 2 Visit from Lancashire Fire and Rescue


Children from Elm and Birch were visited by the firefighters from Lancashire Fire and Rescue today as part of their work to increase the children's knowledge of fire risks and awareness of what to do in the event of a fire.

Their session covered:

  • General fire risks
  • Dangers of matches and lighters – students will watch a film of “Frances the Firefly”
  • What to do if clothes catch fire using the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique
  • Understanding what a smoke alarm is and the importance of having a working one
  • The importance of having an escape action or fire plan (similar to a fire drill in school) – this is reinforced by the film “Freddie and Filbert’s Fire Plan”
  • Applying an escape action plan through role play and how to call 999


Throughout the session, children were invited to take part in a range of engaging activities, to talk, ask questions and even to dress up as a firefighter themselves!