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At Boundary, we recognise that as part of growing up, all children and young people will spend time exploring their identity and developing a sense of who they are. This will include thinking about whether they experience attraction to others, who they are attracted to (their emotional, romantic and/or sexual orientation), how they feel about their gender (their gender identity), and the different ways they express their gender (gender expression).

Some children and young people will realise that they are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning or ace (LGBTQ+), meaning that their sexual orientation or gender identity may be different from many of their peers. Being LGBTQ+ can feel like an extra pressure for children and young people at school, college or in their setting, depending on the extent to which staff, peers and the wider community are supportive. LGBTQ+ children and young people often worry that those around them will react negatively to who they are. We know we play a vital role in supporting LGBTQ+ children and we create an inclusive environment where these learners feel welcome and valued. At Boundary, we offer a diverse and inclusive curriculum where difference is celebrated.

Our curriculum and environment are carefully designed to include LGBTQ+ people, themes and experiences and key events are celebrated e.g. LGBTQ+ History Month, Pride.  Children are taught about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and it is not tolerated in any form.


If you feel you need some support, please call the school office and Miss Moyes, our Head of School, can offer advice and more information.

We have achieved Silver in the Stonewall School & College Champion Award. We are so proud of our inclusive ethos at Boundary and this award highlights our achievements.
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