A Trip to Spain!

Date: 20th Mar 2021 @ 12:33pm

Today we entered our classroom after lunch with a passport and an aeroplane ticket. Our classroom had been transformed to look like an aeroplane! We took our seats, put our hand luggage under our seats, fastened our seatbelts and watched a safety video. The plane took off and we were in the air! How would this feel is it was real? We watched a video that someone had recorded whilst on an aeroplane above the clouds to help us deepen our thinking and understanding. We enjoyed our in flight snack and relaxed on our flight!

Once we landed we walked off the plane and around the airport to collect our luggage. We then headed to our hotel in Madrid. It was much warmer in Madrid that the UK! We then thought about what we would do once we were in our hotel. We thought we might unpack, go swimming, have a nap or get something to eat! We discussed some of the activities you might do on holiday, before heading back to our hotel and finishing our role