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Governing Board

Governance Statement 2021 - 2022

Governors are the formal strategic body who meet once each term to set priorities for the school and agree on the long term plans including the school budget. Our Governors are volunteers from the local school community who work together to ensure that the school is well managed.  The Headteacher and representatives from the school work force are also members of the Governing Body.

The Governing Board has three core functions, as set out in the Department for Education’s Governors’ Handbook:

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

Governance Arrangements

To undertake the core functions, we have established the following governance structure for our school:

Governing Board Meetings (Chaired by Mr. J. Truelove) are held on a half-termly basis and as required, and focus on setting the strategic direction for the school and delegate functions to the committees of the Governing Board and individual members. These meetings include curriculum, educational performance of the school, personal development, safety, staffing, finance and premises management.

Our Governors monitor specific areas of the curriculum (eg. Safeguarding, SEN, Maths etc.) and make regular visits to school to monitor these aspects of the curriculum. Records of these visits can be found on Governor Hub. 


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Annual Statement

The key issues faced by our Governing Board this year have been:

  1. Governors have supported the school to achieve a ‘Good’ judgement in May 2017 Ofsted Inspection
  2. Governors have continued to monitor Pupil Premium, Sports Premium and Health and safety throughout the year
  3. Attainment and Achievement have been raised to the best the School has ever had; see End of Key Stage Results

The key priorities of the Governing Board are in line with the School Improvement Plan:


Contact the Governing Board

If you would like to contact the Governing Board with any comments, concerns or compliments please address your correspondence in writing to the Chair of the Governing Board, C/O the school (marked private & confidential):

Dinmore Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire,FY3 7RW

Alternatively you can contact the main office by phone/email:

01253 287250


Click here to see Schools Financial Benchmarking Information

Meet the Governors

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 07.45.33.png











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Jamie Truelove

Category of governor: Chair

Address:Boundary Primary School, Dinmore Ave, Blackpool, FY3 7RW

Appointed by: School/Governing Body

Date of appointmet: 18.7.21

Term of office: 18.7.17 – 17.7.22

Governing board role: Assessment, Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Attitudes, Year 3 Link Governor

Other information: I was a primary school teacher for 11 years in Cambridge and Blackpool and was a leading Maths teacher and have been on SM teams during my teaching career. Previously, I have also been on the finance committee in my role as a staff governor at one of my old schools. I am pleased to be a part of Boundary’s amazing journey over the last 3 years and look forward to supporting the school however I can in the future.


Graham Friendship

Category of governor: Vice Chair

Appointed by: School/Governing Board

Date of appointmet: 16.3.18

Term of office: 16.3.18 – 15.3.22

Governing board role: Health and Safety, SEND, Behaviour and Attitudes, Year 2 Link Governor

Other information: 



Suzanne Ashton

Category of governor: Headteacher

Appointed by:  

Date of appointmet: 1.1.16

Term of office:  1.1.2016 - Present

Governing board role:  Pay Committee

Other information:  I have been a Headteacher since 2005. Before I moved to the Blackpool area, I worked in Greater Manchester. I am proud to be Headteacher of Boundary and work hard to ensure we live up to our school motto "To be the best that we can be".



Jean Martin

Category of governor: Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: School/Governing Body

Date of appointmet: 17.12.19

Term of office: 17.12.19 – 16.12.23

Governing board role: Quality of Education, SERF

Other information: I have been a Governor for nearly a year. I was delighted to be invited to join this exciting vibrant school. I am a retired local headteacher and despite the 2020 issues I feel very much part of Boundary Primary School Governors Team. I have a particular interest in the quality of education Boundary school provides and improving outcomes for all pupils.



Lyn Willacy

Category of governor: Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: School/Governing Board

Date of appointmet: 22.5.18

Term of office: 22.5.18 – 21.5.22

Governing board role: Early Years, Safeguarding, Personal Development

Other information: I retired from teaching in 2013 having spent my teaching career at Boundary Primary in the Early Years Foundation Stage. My particular interest has always been in Early Years Education and the important part it plays in the development of our children. I was pleased to become a member of the Governors at Boundary in 2018.




Linda Clements

Category of governor: Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: School/Governing Body

Date of appointmet: 17.12.19

Term of office: 17.12.19 – 16.12.23

Governing board role: Behaviours & Attitudes, Year 1 Link Governor

Other information: I am a recently retired industrial control systems engineer working in the nuclear industry. I have the time, enthusiasm, drive and energy to deliver on my commitments. In the last 20 years I have done voluntary work in schools supporting the Young Enterprise Scheme and Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) organisation, interacting with young people to help them realise their potential and consider their options in terms of future careers.  Throughout my career, I have been an active union representative involved in company negotiations and a many varied personnel cases. I believe I am able to actively contribute to the Governing Body in both a supportive and challenging capacity. I work well with with teams and have 1.1 experience tutoring apprentice engineers.


Julie Hamilton

Category of governor: Staff Governor

Appointed by: Staff

Date of appointmet: 16.7.19

Term of office: 16.7.19 – 15.7.23

Governing board role: CLA pupils

Other information: I have been teaching for 19 years and have worked at Boundary Primary School for over 5 years. My current roles in school include Year 6 class teacher, UKS2 phase lead and English subject lead. Being part of our Governing Body has offered new opportunities and given me more detailed insight into the running of the school.


Frazer Rogers

Category of governor: Parent Governor

Appointed by: Parent election

Date of appointmet: 22.1.19

Term of office: 22.1.19 – 21.1.23

Governing board role: HR, Finance, Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes, Y4 Link Governor

Other information: I have worked in the defence industry for the past five years for BAE Systems, specialising in data and analytics for both HR and Finance areas, more recently leading a team of data analysts for a newly established hub within the Company. During my time with BAE Systems, I have also took a leading role in supporting our Education Partnerships, supporting STEM education within schools and the Movement to Work scheme tackling youth unemployment in the United Kingdom.



Shelley Greenall

Category of governor: Parent Governor

Appointed by: Parent election

Date of appointmet: 22.10.20

Term of office: 22.10.2020 – 21.10.24

Governing board role:  

Other information: I have been parent governor at Boundary since October 2020. My daughter has attended Boundary Primary since Nursery and has done exceptionally well in her educational journey with this school and it's exceptional teachers. She is now in Year 6. I am particularly interested in the importance of children reading and Boundary has done an excellent job in promoting literacy and obtaining new books for the children. I have a keen interest in Boundary and how it works and is run and am always kept up to date with all the work and procedures going on behind the scenes to make Boundary run efficiently. The dedication, care and hard work that goes into running this successful school is second to none and I am very proud of all it has achieved and enjoy watching it continue to grow. 



Julie Jones

Category of governor: Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: School/Governing Board

Date of appointmet: 30.3.21

Term of office: 30.3.21 – 29.3.25

Governing board role:  

Other information: I am a former Lifeguard Trainer/Assessor with a keen interest in political and environmental issues. Education is particularly important to me as it helps children to reach their full potential and I am looking forward to being part of the Boundary Primary School team, helping provide children with positive experiences and opportunities.