Music 2020 - 2021

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” - Pablo Casalas


The objectives of teaching music are to enable children to:

  • Listen to and appraise a wide variety of different types of music.
  • Perform a wide variety of different types of music by singing and playing musical instruments.
  • Compose music
  • Transcribe music
  • Develop talents through opportunities with Peripatetic Teachers. 


  • Children develop their knowledge and skills in each subject over 2 years of teaching
  • Children develop music skills which include being able to: Listen and appraise music, perform music, compose and transcribe music. These skills are built on and further developed each year. Children learn better as a result of a coherent sequence of lessons that builds towards a goal. Children develop an appreciation of the history of music and the work of great composers which inspires them and adds to their knowledge and cultural capital.
  • Children’s musical vocabulary is improved across the Key Stage and is extensive by the end of Year 6. Children develop a love of music and develop their talents and increase their creativity. Children embed knowledge and use it fluently. Teachers produce clear next steps for children. Children know the end point for their learning and how the knowledge and skills taught in each lesson will help them get there. Musical vocabulary is clearly understood and stored in long term memory.
  • Children of all abilities achieve in all lessons. The most disadvantaged children and children with SEND are given the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. All children are taught a broad, rich curriculum.
  • Children with particular ability are nurtured and encouraged to take part in Peripatetic Music Lessons, subsidised by the school and Local Authority. 


In order to reduce the transmission of the virus, the government recommends that singing should take place outdoors, with pupils well spaced out or standing back to back. Therefore, as a school, we have not been singing indoors during this academic year. Performing has been done using instruments including percussion, glockenspiels and xylophones. We look forward to our singing assemblies and future choir performances.

Music Curriculum at a Glance

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