Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

‘Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't.'

Mrs. Murfin – SENCO

Mrs. Percival - Assistant SENCO

At Boundary Primary School we strive to support all children to enable them to achieve at school. We have high expectations for all children and see all of our children as ‘unique’ individuals and endeavour to enable each child to achieve their full potential, whatever their ability or specific needs by providing equal opportunities for all within our school.

In order to do this, many steps are taken to support them through their learning journey.

We aim to achieve this through the removal of barriers to learning and participation. Our curriculum promotes the development of the whole child as confident, resourceful and independent learners who are able to face the future with resilience and ingenuity.

All pupils should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers set high expectations for every pupil, whatever their prior attainment. Teachers use appropriate assessment to set targets which are deliberately ambitious but achievable. Potential areas of difficulty are identified and addressed at the outset. Lessons are planned to address potential areas of difficulty and to remove barriers to pupil achievement. With such planning pupils with SEN and disabilities will be able to study the full national curriculum. Please see our Accessibility Plan on our Policies Page for further details on the facilities we provide to help disabled pupils access our school and how we increase the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the school's curriculum, this plan has been prepared to meet Paragraph 3 of Schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010.

All pupils in school receive Quality First Teaching. This means that a range of teaching and learning styles are used and that appropriate learning objectives are set for all children with a curriculum matched to their needs. All our classes are supported by teaching assistants and pupils are also offered additional one to one tuition, small group work or catch up programmes where needed. Through appropriate curricular provision, we respect and acknowledge that children:

  • Have different educational and behavioural needs and aspirations
  • Require different strategies for learning and participation
  • Acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates
  • Need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences

We want all children to feel that they are a fully inclusive and valued member of our school community.

Boundary Primary School will not treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason relating to their disability and to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are not placed at a substantial disadvantage to those who are not disabled and we are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers, external agencies and Blackpool Local Authority to ensure the best outcomes for our children identified with special educational needs.

For details of our broad and balanced curriculum provided and adapted for SEN Children please see the relevant subject page and their Intent, Implementation and Impact document.

For details relating to the implementation of the SEN Policy please see the information section within the policy itself. The SEN policy and Accessibility Plan can be viewed by clicking here

Local Offer

September 2014 saw the introduction of a new SEN Code of Practice and many changes to National and Local SEN policy, under the Children and Families Bill. The Local Authority, Blackpool Council, is now required to publish a Local Offer website. This will provide up to date information about the local services and support that are available to children with SEN, and their families. Schools are required to publish their Information for Parents report with details of their provision for SEN; this is then linked to the Local Authority website.

For more information about SEN, take a look at the Blackpool Local Offer Booklet or feel free to visit the Family Information Service Website.

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