Art 2023 - 2024

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else” – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Art is a natural form of expression, brings great enjoyment and allows children show their personality through their creations. At Boundary, children are given the opportunity to explore their creative side by practising the techniques involved in the seven elements of art, using a range of artistic tools and exploring a variety of art mediums (painting, drawing, collage, printing and sculpture).

They also look at a range work by different artists and use elements of their work to influence their own pieces. We focus on the art pathway and each child has their own sketchbook where the can explore their creative side. In the sketchbook the children take in, test out and reflect. Taking in is where the children gather ideas, testing out involves trying out different ideas, and reflecting gives the children the opportunity to talk, write, draw and understand their work. Our aim is that each child will express their own creative style and each journey will be unique.

To ignite a love of art, we provide children with opportunities to explore art outside of their lesson time. Each year all children produce a piece of poppy art and christmas art as well as taking part in whole school art days where we follow a theme. 


  Autumn 1  Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Explore different materials by joining them together and exploring textures. Explore drawing by using continuous lines, adding detail and representing different movements and emotions. Explore colour. 



Explore, use and refine a variety of artistic effects to express their ideas and feelings. Revisit previous learning, refining ideas and developing their ability to represent them. Create collaboratively, sharing ideas, resources and skills.

Year 1

Art Day


(drawing and Collage)


Flora and Fauna
(drawing and collage) 


Making Birds
(sculpture, drawing, collage)

Year 2  

Sculpture Stick Transformation Project

(making and drawing)

Art Day 

Expressive Painitng 



  Explore and Draw
(drawing and collage)
Year 3   Gestural Drawing with Charcoal


Art Day

Cloth, Thread and Paint

(painting, sewing, drawing)

Telling Stories Through Drawing
(drawing and sculpture)
Year 4   Story Telling Through Drawing 

Art Day

Festival Feasts (sculpture)


Exploring Patterns

(drawing, collage and design)

Year 5 Typography and Maps
(drawing, collage, typography)

Art Day

Set Design

(making and drawing)


Art Fashion and Design

(painting and collage)

Year 6


2D Drawing to 3D Making

(drawing, sculpture, collage, graphic design) 


Print and Activism

(printing, collage and drawing)

Art Day

Brave Colour 

(installation art, sketchbooks)




Please see the Art cuuriculum below for more details

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