Extra-Curricular Clubs

Across the year at Boundary, our learning continues beyond the classroom and the normal school day as we offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs. There are a variety of clubs on offer, as you can see from the list below, some are offered exclusively to particular year groups (based on age requirement etc.) whereas others are open to all year groups – these details will be shared on the club letters that are sent out at the end of each half-term.

We ask that you please ensure your child has the correct kit/clothing as failure to provide this will result in your child not being able to take part. This is especially important for sports clubs. In wet weather, if an outdoor space is unavailable for sports clubs, classroom sessions will be held instead.

We expect all our children to behave in extra-curricular clubs as they would during the school day. Should they not do so, they may lose their place. They will receive a written warning before their place is withdrawn.

Children must be collected promptly at the stated finishing time. If a child is late being collected, their place will be at risk. If somebody else is collecting your child, please ensure they are aware of the collection door, finishing time and have your password.

We will ensure that our service is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all children, particularly those that arise from their ethnic heritage, social and economic background, gender, ability or disability. Our setting is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families. In accordance with Department of Education requirements we also promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.




Draw So Cute

In this club, children are able to create a finished drawing by following a step-by-step tutorial in a fund and engaging atmosphere supported by their peers and our art specialist. The aim is to encourage all children, no matter their ability, to take part and access art as a creative outlet.


Multi-skills club is a sports/games club for children in KS1 and Reception. At the club, the children learn new skills e.g. dribbling and apply them in games e.g. basketball. We also play games like cat and mouse and complete sports day type relays.


Homework Club is a place where our children are able to complete and discuss their homework in a calm and supportive environment. It enables them the support of an adult should they need it and a chance to discuss the homework in a smaller setting.


Our football club runs for KS2 pupils, with Boundary having both a boys and girls football teams. When it comes to selecting players for the school team, who take part in inter-school matches with local schools, children must consistently demonstrate that they are an ‘Always’ person with regards to their behaviour in school and must maintain their attendance at the club each week.


Our high quality dodgeball sessions allow children to be ACTIVE, have FUN, make NEW FRIENDS and maintain a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. The club will look to develop our pupils physically, technically and tactically. We create a safe, fun and motivating environment to help your child learn new skills within a much loved game.


This club is designed to improve students' stamina and fitness through running, using the school grounds as a "track" to lap around. The club runs across the year which gives students a consistent opportunity to improve fitness, health and get faster lap times the more they attend.


Our Computer Coding sessions allow those interested in technology to delve deeper into how computers work, write code and enhance their technical expertise around computing knowledge.


Gardening Club runs across the school year, and offers an opportunity for those with green fingers to increase their knowledge around planting, growing and maintaining various plants and crops!

Schools Alive

Schools Alive is a yearly competition that has been running across the Fylde Coast for many years. It offers students the chance to perform at the Grand Theatre if selected. Our club is both a practice and pathway into performing arts, where students will increase their confidence and love for the theatre with the potential to perform on stage.

Sign Language

This club offers a fantastic opportunity in an ever increasing and diverse education for young children to learn how to sign. This is a great learning process for KS1 aimed to help them develop their sign language skills to use in future.

Health & Fitness

A big aim of our P.E. department is to give children the chance to constantly improve their fitness in a positive environment. Fitness club gives everyone the chance to work on their physical fitness aswell as their mental fitness through use of different apparatus and methods such as circuit training.


This club explores all different elements of science and expands on what is involved within the curriculum aswell as delves into other interesting areas of science. This club is fantastic for those with a keen interest in science and exploration.


Badminton is proven to be one of the most physically demanding and rewarding sports for young athletes. This club gives the chance for students to enhance their knowledge on rules, aswell as improve their technique in different key areas of badminton such as forehand and backhand.


This club explores all different elements of netball, getting kids used to the rules and developing their skills on the netball court. Through our club, teams will be selected to represent Boundary Primary in competitions and fixtures against other schools.

Horrible Histories

This club explores significant periods through time such as the Rotten Romans, Terrible Tudors and the Slimy Stuarts. Pupils will have the chance to learn fascinating facts and about the wonderful history of the world around us.

Cross-Stitch Crafts

This club teaches pupils the key skills that are needed to successfully carry out cross-stitch and will teach pupils how to create images, patterns and how to follow designs. 


Rugby is a sport that is physically demanding and requires a great deal of balance, agility and co-ordination. This club gives our pupils chance to further develop their knowledge of the rules of this sport while they develop key techniques. This club applies the key skills to small sided tag rugby style games.


In Tennis club pupils will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the sport and game. They will also master basic tennis techniques and skills such as an effective grip, the  forehand, the backhand and the under hand serve. Pupils will then apply these skills to small games.


This club focuses on developing and applying skills to a range of athletic events such as long jump, sprinting, discus, javelin and triple jump. Pupils develop these skills with the opportunity to represent Boundary Primary School in the Indoor Athletics Competition held in Blackpool.

Board Games

This club allows pupils to learn the rules of board games they may never have played before. Pupils may play games such as chess, connect four and battle ships and many more. It also allows pupils time to play some of their favourite board games with their friends. This is time for them to form new friendships and continue to develop social skills. Pupils may play games such as chess, connect four and battle ships.


This club is open to pupils who love to sing and perform. Choir gives pupils the opportunity to share their love of performing, develop confidence and make new friends. Pupils who attend this club go on to represent the school at key school events such as the Christmas Fair and they also perform at other local events and centres in the area.


This club is open to KS1 pupils and focuses on developing their love of music and performing. Pupils will get to listen to new styles of music and songs. They will learn songs and enjoy creating fun performances. Pupils who attend this club also go on to perform in school assemblies.

Drawing & Colouring Mindfulness

A calm and meaningful drawing and colouring mindfulness club pays more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – to improve mental wellbeing.



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