Boundary Learning Together

These projects may be set weekly or half termly and we would like parents/carers to see them as something to do with their child or children.

Boundary Learning Together Projects may be creative tasks or practise tasks, either way, we would like adults to spend the time to work on them with their children, to support them or just to talk it through with them.


Children are expected to read 3 times a week with an adult.

BLT tasks will be sent home on a Friday and returned to school by Thursday.

Year 1 and 2

Children are expected to read 3 times a week with an adult. A post learning task will be given on a Friday and due back on a Wednesday. This will include differentiated Maths and English work.

Weekly spellings/phonics will be given out for the children to learn.

There will be one topic inspired project each half term. This will be given out on the first day back and be due in on the final Monday of the half term.

Children will be sent home with a slip if their BLT is not completed. BLT club is available for children to sign up to.

Year 3 and 4

Homework will be given out on a Thursday and will be due back the following Friday.

Homework to be given out:

Weekly spellings
Weekly Maths for consolidation
Topic half termly

If homework isn’t returned on a Friday, the children will miss their break to do it

BLT club is available for children to sign up to

Year 5 and 6

Half Termly optional topic/creative homework

Reading – 3 times weekly, rewarded with dojos and 10 minutes reading if not completed,
at break time on Friday (Y5 only)

Weekly BLT is handed out on a Friday and expected to be returned the following Thursday
All children have the opportunity to stay in at break in the week to do this work

In Year 5 this will consist of spelling, GPS or Handwriting and Maths, expected to take no longer than 20 mins, rewarded with dojos. Children will be kept in at break/lunch until it is complete on a Thursday if they do not do it.

In Year 6 this will consist of Maths, GPS and spelling based on the booklet. This is an expectation, and if it is not complete children will stay on Thursday/Friday until it is done.


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