French 2021 - 2022

A different language is a different vision of life – Federico Fellin

Boundary Primary School offers a broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum designed to inspire and excite our pupils. All children in KS2 are taught French during a weekly lesson. Our aim is that children develop a positive curiosity about foreign languages and find learning enjoyable and stimulating.

Using a wide variety of topics and themes, the four key language learning skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are taught and necessary grammar is covered in an age-appropriate way. Pupils continuously build on their previous knowledge as they progress in their foreign language learning journey. Previous language is revised, recalled and consolidated whenever possible and appropriate. Lessons are structured to ensure all pupils learn effectively and we approach learning in a variety of ways. Modelled vocabulary, songs, games, matching, reading, listening and writing activities are all designed to engage our children.

We believe that learning a second language also offers pupils the opportunity to explore relationships between language and identity, develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and the world around them.

We aim to ensure that pupils of all abilities develop solid foundations in key language learning skills, properly preparing them for the next stage of their language learning.

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French curriculum at a glance

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 3 I'm learning French Core vocabulary and phonetics Animals Fruits Little Red Riding Hood I can ...
Year 4 Core vocabulary and phonetics Presenting myself Family My home The classroom Goldilocks
Year 5 Core vocabulary and phonetics Do you have a pet? What is the date? The weather Clothes The Olympics
Year 6 Grammar Regular and irregular Verbs The Vikings At school The weekend Me in the World

For further detail about the French curriculum, please see French Curriculum Map below.