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We believe that education is a cooperative effort among the home, the school, and the community. Our team firmly believe that this cooperative effort can only be effective if all adults who surround a child share the same commitment and focus in helping them to realise and achieve their goals. Therefore, we have created this page as a hub of useful information, resources and links to help you in supporting your  child’s academic, social and emotional development.

The information contained here is only the beginning of the resources available to help you support your child. As always, if you have any concerns or require any further support or information, please visit the main office or make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.

To view of Parent and Carer Code of Conduct, please click here.

What is the Leading Parent Partnership Award?


The LPPA is a nationally recognised award achievable by schools who work very closely with the families of their pupils and consists of ten evidence-based objectives which schools must meet to attain the award.  The assessment is made by an external advisor.

LPPA Achieved

In November 2022 an assessor from The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) visited our school.

We are proud to announce we achieved this nationally recognised award which looks at how well we work with parents and carers, how welcoming the school is and how we support parents in helping their child.  It was a very thorough but rewarding process. The assessor was impressed by how well we communicate and support our families, our induction and transition procedures, and by the fact that LPPA is embedded in the School Development Plan.

Boundary Primary School is proud of its working relationships with parents and carers; we want families to feel comfortable, supported and happy to contact, visit and spend time in school working in partnership with our staff.

Areas of strength state:

The involvement of parents is very much embedded in life at Boundary Primary School, with LPPA continuing to be valued as an audit tool as part of a whole school reflective process.

Boundary Primary School has a strategic approach to involving parents in their child’s learning, development and well-being. The school has ensured that parental involvement continues to be sustainable and forward thinking through continued investment in pastoral support for children and their families with an experienced and well trained team who work together to provide a full range of support.

A team of experienced professionals with a range of expertise work together to keep children and their families safe and help parents engage with their child’s learning and well-being. The range of roles which includes teaching and support staff include for example, senior leaders, five Designated Safeguarding Leads, an attendance officer, a behaviour lead and the Family Engagement Officer.  This accessible team work ‘with the parents not to them’ not only to provide support, but to ’provide skills and strategies for families to support themselves’ (staff).

The school continues to positively reach out to parents through effective means of communication. There is a range of communications that are electronic and written, but personal communication remains a priority. Senior leaders greet families at the beginning and end of every school day and staff are visible at entrances to the building. 

Boundary ensures that parents know what their child is learning and their progress, with parent’s evenings and two reports annually providing information on progress. The format of parent’s meetings has changed providing a more relaxed atmosphere with more time and privacy provided. On-going information is provided through daily opportunities for conversations and emails and See Saw and Facebook directly bring learning to life for families. Parents have information available on the curriculum through curriculum overviews, year group newsletters and blogs and a very comprehensive website.

The policies and expectations of Boundary are made explicit for families through systems embedded in school life. For example, a uniform swap shop facilitates adherence to uniform and children earn badges for attendance and school values through Boundary Promises.

Boundary continues to support positive mental health for children and families, demonstrating their commitment through gaining the Wellbeing Award for Schools and practical ideas such as coffee mornings for parents and supporting families with settling their child successfully into school post Covid.


School knows and meets the individual needs of pupils and their families. Parents told of how their own needs have been met and the governor agreed, ’Every child is an individual’.


There is very much a history of offering a range of events in school to help parents share and celebrate learning, including class events throughout the school, reading workshops and family learning.  School is now being forward thinking and planning face to face events for parents in school and has already introduced some of these, such as a Parent Forum, Family Learning, coffee mornings and the Boundary Tower of Support Forum. Pupils said they like their parents joining them in school, ‘When parents come to events you get to show them what you’ve been working on and what your talents are’ (pupil).


Induction into Foundation Stage has been thoughtfully developed.  Activities with parents before their child reaches statutory school age forge close links and promote attendance even before the child starts school and these are built upon during Reception. Close home-school links are encouraged throughout Early Years as a foundation for parental engagement throughout school.


Thanks to the parents who gave up their time to speak with the assessor and to our pupils, who, as always, spoke with enthusiasm about their school.

Meet our Pastoral Team

Mrs Ward (Designated Safeguarding Officer)

Boundary Primary School is committed to ensuring all members of our community are able to deal with life’s challenges. We have a passionate and highly skilled professional Designated Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Ward. She is available to undertake a broad range of safeguarding and pastoral related duties within the school.

At Boundary, we all have a responsibility to ensure children are safeguarded and that priority is given to the Safeguarding Policy and Procedures in all the work we have undertaken.

Our DSO is available to liaise and work with families to ensure that the pupils’ needs are being met and family issues addressed . She regularly undertakes training, meeting with outside agencies to keep up to date with new and current legislation as well as statutory guidance.

Mrs Ward also works closely with teaching staff and our Head and Deputy Headteachers. Should you need to contact her, please call into the school office or call (01253) 287250.

Mrs Jacques (Behaviour Lead/Early Help Lead)

Mrs Jacques leads on Early Help in school and can be contacted to discuss any concerns you may have.

Mrs Jacques can support with:

  • Behaviour support within school
  • Providing individualised support
  • Liasing with a range of external services 
  • Supporting families on school held early help plans
  • Mental health and wellbeing support (MHFA)

Mrs Bradley (Engagement Officer)

Mrs Bradley is the Engagement Officer for Boundary. Her job involves many things, including:

  • Signposting organisations and useful websites to prospective, new and existing families of children who attend our school
  • Developing links with organisations and services which may support families
  • To provide opportunities for families to meet together
  • Arranging regular workshops for parents/guardians and other family members
  • Meeting with families to discuss specific needs or concerns
  • Supporting you and your child in school.

If you have any questions or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact her at school (01253) 287250.

Domestic Abuse


Lancashire Victim Services continue to provide specialist support for victims of domestic abuse.  Anyone affected by domestic abuse can contact the service on 0300 323 0085, use the live chat or e-mail        #PreventDA

Blackpool Safeguarding Domestic Violence 

Blackpool Safeguarding


FYI Directory


The FYI directory provides information about a wide range of local health and council services, community clubs, social groups, wellbeing activities and events all in one place. It also includes Blackpool's Local Offer for Children and Young People with Special Education Needs or Disabilities.

FYI Directory website or call 0800 092 2332 or visit our school SEND page here.


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