DT Day!

Date: 29th Apr 2021 @ 7:50pm

Today was our DT day! We began the morning by recapping on what are the Olympic games, when the next Olympics are and where they are being held. We then looked at a variety of different party foods, and thought of lots of different adjectives to describe them.

“They are colourful and yummy!” 

“They look healthy and tasty”

We then watched a video of different Olympic Opening Ceremonies, which we found fascinating! We watched how the ceremonies have changed over time, but one thing stayed the same…they were all very impressive and exciting! We learnt that the games are held in different countries every four years and that the purpose of the Olympic games is to bring people together from around the world and from different cultures. 

After this we were ready to taste test some existing products! We tasted three different smoothies and recorded our thoughts and feelings on the taste, texture and colour of each. We also then tasted a variety of different fruits to get an idea of what we might like to include in our designs.

“I liked smoothie number 1, it was sweet and smooth!” 

“I didn’t like smoothie number 3, it was lumpy and sour” 

It was then time to create our two designs! We looked at a couple of different ideas for recipes and created a mind map of all the fruits we had available to include in our smoothies. We created two designs and then chose which design we were going to make.


After lunch, we then created the packaging for our smoothie, before it was finally time to make our final product! We watched a video to recap on our cutting skills, discussing how the children stayed safe. We also recapped on our two cutting skills, the claw cut and bridge cut, and key safety points. We then tied up our hair, washed our hands, cleaned our services and put on an apron before we began to cut, chop and finally blend our fruit to make our final smoothie!