History Day - Toys Part 1!

Date: 9th May 2021 @ 6:11pm

Today was our History Day! We began the day by talking about our favourite toys, and creating a mind map of all the toys we could think of. We thought of lots and lots! We then thought a bit more about what our favourite toys are and why they are our favourite, discussing with our talk partner what we like about them. After that, we talked about what our favourite games are to play, and who do we play them with. 

After writing about our favourite toys we then began to think a bit more about what toys were like in the past and how we can find evidence to help us understand more about these toys. We thought we could ask older people we know, we could research on the Internet, we could visit museums or we could read non-fiction books.

It was then time to get ready for our visitors! We had some time to think of different questions we could ask our visitors to collect information about their favourite toys.

“What is your toy?”

“Does it have a name?

“What does it do?”

“How do you play with it?”

“What material is it made from?”

We then created class mind maps to explore our findings after speaking to both Mrs Bradley and Mr Thompson.