Reception- A visit from SMJ Falconry

Date: 10th Oct 2023 @ 10:42pm

The children in Reception had a very exciting visit today- they met four owls! The children went to meet their feathered friends in the dance studio and waited patiently for their handler to take them out of their boxes. They met Tike, Casper, Bugs and Twiglet.  The owls were all very different.  Tike was a burrowing owl who lives underground.  Casper has huge brown eyes which can see for miles.    The children enjoyed learning about the different owls.  They found out what they like to eat and how they use their senses to catch their prey. We enjoyed watching the flying demonstrations and were amazed at how silent their wings were when they flew.   We were lucky enough to hold Twiglet- the youngest of all the owls. His feathers look just like the bark of a tree so he can camouflage himself from predators.  He had sharp talons to help him catch his food too. What a fantastic experience for all the children.