Reception Make Bog Babies

Date: 25th May 2022 @ 9:28pm

Reception have been a lovely story called 'The Bog Baby'.  The story is about two little girls who go for a walk in bluebell wood.  They discover a magical pond where they find a obsure little creature.  Using their net they fished it out of the pond, it's was a bog baby.  The bog baby was small and round with a spikey tail.  His body was blue and he had big googley eyes.  The children took the bog baby home and put him in a bucket.  They fed him cake crumbs and took him for walks but the bog baby got sick.  Eventually the children realised the bog baby was a wild thing who belonged in the pond so their returned him to his habitat.

Inspired by this lovely story the children used clay to make their own bog baby models.  It was important that the children used the correct techniques of 'slip, score and blend' to ensure their models didn't fall apart.  Once the clay had dried the children mixed different shades of blue using white and black paint and then painted their bog baby.  The children made their bog baby a pond habitat at the creative table by using recycled boxes, and a range of different materials.  Have a look at out amazing work!