Year 4 - RRT Trip!

Date: 30th Jan 2024 @ 8:24pm

WOW! What a great trip with Ribble Rivers Trust today down at Preston Docks. We went for a lovely walk along the river itself, visited the Pyramid building which controls the docks. Here we learned about the history of the dock, we learned that there's a manmade wall built at the mouth of the river near St Annes because they needed to control the course of the river more. When Preston Docks was fully open (before 1981) it saw cargo bring in things like silk, cotton and bananas. Nowadays, the dock is used for leisure craft. Back at the boatyard, we learned about river safety. We learned the acronym SAFE (Stay, Away, From the Edge) and that if we ever find ourselves in a river with no help, we should lay like a starfish with our feet at pointing towards to direction of the water flow. We even had the opportunity to see the bridge move like how it does when it has to allow boats through.

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