Year 5 - Blackpool Zoo Visit

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 1:05pm

Year 5 visit Blackpool Zoo! To further their learning, Year 5 went on an adventure to learn more about the animals and natural habitats of the Zoo. From hearing about the Orangutans (and meeting Cherie who was named after Tony Blair's wife!) to watching feeding time with the elephants, we were all treated to a variety of interesting talks where we were able to learn more about how a range of animals have adapted over time to survive in their environments. It was really exciting to see the Bactrian camels being fed - they don't share with each other very well! Just before lunch we were treated to a sea lion demonstration where their natural ability to balance, swim, jump and dive were all on show - Gloria even demonstrated the importance of recycling our plastic and not throwing it on the floor or in the oceans!