Cedar SEMH Unit: Blog items

Sensory Circuits

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 11:32am

Cedar class use daily sensory circuits to help them focus into learning. We focus on the 3 main elements to help stimulate the brain which increases pupils concentration. First, we activate the body by completing short active tasks. Today we focused on incresing the heart rate with shutle runs. Then we use coordinating activities to focus our mind. Today we used log rolls and balancing exercises. Finally, we calm our bodies by doing relaxing exercises to regulate our emotions and put us into the 'green zone' of regulation. Today we completed wall stretches and the weighted blanket. 

Mega Measuring

Date: 17th Mar 2021 @ 11:24am

This week we have been working hard in Maths to measure the length of various objects and the distance of various 2 points. We learnt how to use different meauring tools and convert between mm, cm and m. We worked practically to develop our skills and we applied our skills when we made our own challenges to solve using measures.

We have also been learning how to use different sorting charts, using our shape knowledge to practically create our own data. 

2D Shapes

Date: 12th Mar 2021 @ 7:55am

This week in Cedar, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We learnt their names and their different properties.

We also have fun making 2D shapes using wooden lollisticks, geoboards and pegboards.


Making the Right Choices

Date: 10th Mar 2021 @ 4:24pm

This week in PSHE, we have been looking closely at making the right choices in class. We have identified appropriate behaviour during lesson time and break time and in some circumstances when it may be during both. We then learned about positive and negative consequences for our choices and how we can celebrate good choices during our Cedar Time.

Cedar children have been making great choices this week and had fun celebrating by the different choices of activity each day.

Having a Roaring Time on World Book Day

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 3:59pm

In the morning, Cedar joined in with World Book Day by completing various book tasks. The younger pupils enjoyed reading The Dinosaur Who Pooped a Planet before making our own dinosaur models.

The older pupils completed tasks from our class reading book- A Boy in A Dress. They then used their Maths skills to survey the staff from the school about their favourite children's book. They used the data to create their own graphs and charts and would you believe it 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' was the most popular!

Forest School Fun!

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 3:56pm

This afternoon, Cedar had great fun in our Boundary Forest School area.

First, we went to look in the ponds and couldn't believe how much frogspawn there was! We discussed the lifecycle of frogs and can't wait to watch them grow.

Next, we made jam donuts, yum! We lit the fire and set to work making the batter, before frying our donuts over the fire. They were absolutely delicious! We showed good resilience when using flints to start the fire and good team work when making the donut batter.

It's f-f-f-freezing!!

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 1:36pm

In Cedar, we've been exploring the ice outside.

We couldn't believe how thick some of the ice is! We rescued the rubber ducks that were stuck in the ice, cracked some icy puddles, looked at the frost on the fence, grass and leaves and look at the amazing details in some frozen spider webs.

Map Reading

Date: 12th Jan 2021 @ 3:04pm

 Today in Cedar, we have continued our learning around maps and aerial photographs.

We used an aerial photograph of our school to find features around our school. We found some of the marking on the KS2 playground, the carpark, roundabout, forest school and the MUGA.

Online Learning - Important Information for Parents and Carers

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 11:28am

The expectation remains that all learning will take place online during this period of Lockdown which was announced by the government would begin from the 5th January 202. Online work will be set each day by your child’s class teacher.
For Nursery, Reception and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 this work will be set on SeeSaw and your child’s login details will be found in the front of their reading diary.
For Years 5 and 6 online learning will be set on Google Classroom and again, your child’s login details will be found in the front of their reading diary.
Both SeeSaw and Google Classroom can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, iPad or laptop.
Since returning in September, we have worked hard with every child so that they are able to login to their online learning and know how to do this - we are very proud that a lot of children are now using these daily both in class and to submit their homework!
Your child’s class teacher will be in touch soon to ensure you are able to log on and to answer any questions you may have in regards to online learning.
Please bear with us as we try to contact as many parents and carers as we can.
There are a number of other websites that your child may be asked to access to ensure they continuing their normal learning journey and these links can be found here: http://boundary-backup.schoolspider.co.uk/covid-september-opening-2020/
For those unable to access online platforms we ask that you contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.
Thank you for your ongoing support during this time.

Lockdown Update

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 8:14am

As you are probably aware, the Prime Minister has instructed schools to move to remote teaching and learning from tomorrow morning (Tuesday 5th January). 

This means school will not be open apart from to key worker and vulnerable pupils.

As your child attends Cedar with an EHCP, they come under the 'vulnerable' category so we will continue to be open our usual hours for them.

Parents / Carers of pupils who are classed as critical workers, and have no other childcare options, should contact school ASAP if they need a place. You can email you teacher on cedarteacher@boundaryprimary.co.uk


If you are classed as a critical worker and there is nobody else in your household available to look after your child tomorrow please email school by 7:30am tomorrow morning.

Mud, glorious mud!!

Date: 4th Nov 2020 @ 10:04am

Platform pupils had a fantastic time in our Boundary Forest School.

We really enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles!

We showed our great teamwork skills building a den and created a picture of a person out of sticks.

Building Communication Skills

Date: 14th Oct 2020 @ 2:44pm

This afternoon, the children in Platform 1 and 2 came together and worked in groups for Lego Therapy.

We made a range of models including a whale, windmill and a racing car.

All the children work will together showing good teamwork and communication skills.

Food Tasting!

Date: 6th Oct 2020 @ 11:44am

Today in The Platform we have been tasting some different foods in preparation for making a pasta salad tomorrow.

Before we tasted the foods, we learnt how to safely cut them up safely with our hands in a 'claw' and a 'bridge'.

We look forward to making and tasting our pasta salads tomorrow!

Aiming High!

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 4:46pm

On Tuesday, we had our first PE lesson. First, we practised our throwing and catching skills. We then worked on our aim to try and shoot our basketballs into the hoops.

The Platform are back!

Date: 9th Sep 2020 @ 1:51pm

Platform 1 and 2 have had a very successful first week back! It has been great to see all the children again after such a long time away. The children have jumped straight back into learning and have had a great time learning again. 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?!

Date: 2nd Feb 2020 @ 1:02pm

In Maths this week we have been learning all about different charts, tables and graphs. On Friday, we learnt about Carroll Diagrams.

We have to use our social skills and team work to sort the objects into the Carroll Diagrams, first by 2 criteria (transport or animal), then by 4 (transport or animals and yellow or blue). It was tricky but we worked well together!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 10:00pm

In Platform 1 we have been working really hard on our social skills. These social skills have included sharing, taking turns, helping each other and team work. We have had fun putting these skills into practise when playing team games and building jigsaws together.

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Date: 31st Oct 2019 @ 9:55pm

Happy Halloween from Platform 1!

To celebrate Halloween we have made pumpkin biscuits, made Halloween shapes from playdough and practised our 5 times table with a Halloween twist!

Platform 1 Remembers

Date: 11th Nov 2019 @ 9:43pm

In Platform 1, we have been doing a wide range of work based on Remembrance Day. We all thought of adjectives we could use to describe soldiers and created a range of poppy artwork. We also made our own poppies and planted them in Boundary's Remembrance Garden.