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Year 4 - RRT Trip!

Date: 30th Jan 2024 @ 8:24pm

WOW! What a great trip with Ribble Rivers Trust today down at Preston Docks. We went for a lovely walk along the river itself, visited the Pyramid building which controls the docks. Here we learned about the history of the dock, we learned that there's a manmade wall built at the mouth of the river near St Annes because they needed to control the course of the river more. When Preston Docks was fully open (before 1981) it saw cargo bring in things like silk, cotton and bananas. Nowadays, the dock is used for leisure craft. Back at the boatyard, we learned about river safety. We learned the acronym SAFE (Stay, Away, From the Edge) and that if we ever find ourselves in a river with no help, we should lay like a starfish with our feet at pointing towards to direction of the water flow. We even had the opportunity to see the bridge move like how it does when it has to allow boats through.

Year 4 - River Ribble Trust Week 1

Date: 18th Jan 2024 @ 9:33am

Today we welcomed colleagues from River Ribble Trust for their first session with us. We focused on the key question ‘How do people use rivers?’ We looked at various ways in which people use rivers for their livelihood, leisure and the environment around the world. We looked at the importance of rivers in our daily lives and why we need to minimise pollution. We looked at key features of rivers  and used maps to identify them.

Year 4 - Road Safety

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 6:30pm

This morning we had a Road Safety assembly and then this afternoon we did some more work around Road Safety. We started by looking at maps and finding either our own house or someone we know who lives close by and looking at their walking route to school. We looked at how many roads would have to be crossed over and what help there is (if at all). Then we looked at pictures and had to decide if they were safe or unsafe. Last we were given four scenarios and we had to decide how we would keep safe in that scenario.

Year 2- Where in the world am I?

Date: 10th Jan 2024 @ 5:06pm

Today, Year Two explored the key question 'Where in the world am I?' for the beginning of our Geography unit Continents and Oceans. We found our School on Google Earth and discussed what we could see before zooming out to discuss the Grange Park area. We continued to zoom out to find the town we are in (Blackpool), the county (Lancashire), country (England, United Kingdom), the continent (Europe) and finally the hemisphere (Northern hemisphere). We had great fun exploring where we are in the world. 

Year 4 - UK Flashback and discovering what a river is

Date: 9th Jan 2024 @ 8:25pm

Today we started our Geography unit about Rivers. To start the lesson, we did our flashback about the UK; naming the countries, capital cities, oceans and seas. Then we used information around the room to discover what a river is. Afterwards, we looked for some of the longest rivers in the world on a map.

Year 5 - Anglo-Saxon World Map

Date: 21st Dec 2023 @ 11:29am

As our journey into Anglo-Saxon Britain comes to an end, two pupils added a note about Anglo-Saxons to the school's world map. The tribes, who invaded Britain during the early medieval period, were called the Angles, Saxons and Jutes. They came from Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

Year 1 Map Symbols

Date: 14th Dec 2023 @ 6:23pm

Today we learnt to recognise the symbols used on an Ordnance Survey map. We learnt that these maps are used to help people find places of interest in an area. We looked at different map symbols together and worked out what each meant. 

We then worked collaboratively to make a map of our local area. Together, we discussed the important features we should expect to see on our maps and then worked in pairs/small groups to create our own map of the local area. Some of us created our ‘messy map’ using loose parts and some of us made our maps by creating our own symbols on paper and placing them onto the correct part of Grange Park.

Year 1 Features of our school grounds

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 2:16pm

Today we began our Geography lesson by recapping on the key words urban and rural and features of each. We found the differences between rural and urban areas and recapped on the type of settlement we live in. We then began to learn about the features of our school grounds. We discussed the features we expected to find around our school grounds and considered how we were going to record our findings. Whilst outside, we completed our sheet with a partner and we discussed our findings together as a class. We then looked at aerial views of our school grounds. We identified and labeled the key features of our school area using words, pictures or Seesaw to create labels.

Year 6 - Mapping the UK

Date: 6th Nov 2023 @ 5:23pm

In today's lesson, we recapped on our learning from last week including the four countries of the UK, their capitals and the seas surrounding the British Isles. We then went on to discuss where people in the UK live. We learned about cities, towns, villages and hamlets before using maps and online atlases to locate major towns and cities in our local area and the UK. 

Year 1 - Local Area Walk

Date: 6th Nov 2023 @ 12:32pm

Today we went on our local area walk around Grange Park. Whilst on our observational walk we looked for different types of houses, similarities and differences between them and how Grange Park has changed over time. At the end of our walk we then visited @thegrange. We met with Anna and Claire who showed us around the gardens and talked to us about the different services @thegrange offers.

Blackpool Zoo Orienteering

Date: 17th Oct 2023 @ 12:48pm

We were invited to take part in two fun festivals within Blackpool Zoo where each school will be given a map of the park to help them to solve the clues to find the right animals.

The children, chosen from Year 5, had a great morning with Mrs. Millar and Mr. Parsons supported by Leaders from Blackpool Sixth Form. Efficient map reading and a keen sense of time meant that we returned to the finish before the other schools – leaving us enough time to visit some of the animals not on our list (and the dinosaurs too!).

YEAR 5 - UK Mountains

Date: 5th Oct 2023 @ 9:15am

This week, pupils used their map reading skills to find the highest peaks in the UK. First, we discussed what the UK is and what is meant by 'Great Britain and Ireland'. Pupils then identified the highest mountain in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and marked them on a map of the UK. Some pupils went further, and found out facts about the mountains, such as their height in metres.  

Year 5 - Mapping Mountains

Date: 27th Sep 2023 @ 12:33pm

Pupils in year 5 used our school world map to mark on the location of the seven summits. Pupils had found the locations in an atlas in a previous lesson, and were happy to share their knowledge with the rest of the school on our corridor display.

Year 5 - The Seven Summits

Date: 27th Sep 2023 @ 12:27pm

Our geography journey into mountains begun with pupils answering the question, 'What is a mountain?'. We then found out about the 'seven summits' - the largest mountain on each of the seven continents. Pupils used their map skills to locate these mountains and mark them on a world map, before finding out more information about each peak.

Year 4 - European Day of Languages

Date: 26th Sep 2023 @ 4:02pm

Year 4 had a great day celebrating European Day of Languages. In assembly, the House Captains particpated in a language quiz, then the children took part in a treasure hunt around the KS2 playground. Questions were based on languages, culture and the geography of European Countries. 

Year 6 - European Day of Languages

Date: 25th Sep 2023 @ 1:47pm

Year 6 had a great day celebrating European Day of Languages. After assisting with a whole school assembly, where the House Captains particpated in a language quiz, the children took part in a treasure hunt around the playground. Questions were based on languages, culture and the geography of European Countries. The winning team scored full marks!

Silver Geography Quality Mark!

Date: 5th Sep 2023 @ 12:41pm

We are proud to share that our Geography Curriculum has ben recognised for its quality Teaching and Learning and we have received the Silver Geography Quality Mark. We would like to thank our hardworking pupils and staff as we Work As One To Be The Best That We Can Be!

Year 2 Persuasive Adverts

Date: 18th Jul 2023 @ 4:24pm

Today, we used the computers to create our hot write of a persuasive advert. We thought about making it appealing by using bright colours and exciting shapes as well as using persuasive language to persuased someone to visit either Antarctica, the rainforest or the desert. We used our Geography knowledge from hot and cold places to make sure we told some facts. We had to have lots of patience but enjoyed using the chromebooks for our writing.

Year 2 Geography Day

Date: 13th Jul 2023 @ 4:04pm

Today, we participated in Geography morning alongside the rest of School exploring Antarctica. Year Two explored the key question ‘What is it like in Antarctica?’ We watched a video that recapped our knowledge about the temperature, animals, plants and shelters that are there and how nobody lives in Antarctica. We learnt it is the largest desert and is also the coldest place on earth because of its location furthest away from the equator.  We used all our knowledge to create replica models of Antarctica. 

First, we added mountains and the Southern Ocean into our model before painting a sky. Then we used cotton wool, tissue paper and other resources to add texture to our creations and bring it to life. We even had an iceberg floating in the middle of the ocean! Finally, we discussed animals we would find in Antarctica and placed them around the model in their correct habitats.

Year 4 - Geography Day

Date: 13th Jul 2023 @ 2:26pm

What a great day we've had today learning all about Antarctica. We started the day mindmapping what we already know about the fifth largest continent. Then we were given our key question: What is it like to work in Antarctica? We went on to Google Earth to look at where we are compared to Antarctica. We then watched some videos where researchers explained what their roles are at Antarctica. We learned more about the 2041 Antarctic Treaty. The researches told us about how we need to protect the planet and recycle better so that we can protect the Antarctic and they said that they are hopeful that the treaty will be signed again so that people cannot destroy it. Next, we looked at the Halley research centre which is a base for UK research in Antarctica. Our task was then to research how to get there, what we would need to live/work there and what our job role would entail.

Year 6 - World Music Day

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 7:30am

To mark World Music Day, Year 6 learned about music from South Africa. We located South Africa on the map and then listened to several pieces of music from the couhtry. We learned that music is very important to the South Africans and is used to pass messages and stories between generations. We finished by listening to some more modern pop music that has African influences. 

Year 4 - World Music Day 2023!

Date: 21st Jun 2023 @ 11:47am

Today, we celebrated World Music Day. To start the day we had an assembly to look at the history of the day where Mrs Pope told us that World Music Day originated in France and is now celebrated in over 120 countries on this day every year. Then, we were told our theme. South American/ Latin American music! We studied South American in Geography recently, so we were excited about learning about their genres of music. We start the morning listening to different genres of Latin music such as Samba, Salsa and Rumba. Then we listened to music by Ricky Martin and Shakira. The children used their oracy skills and musical vocabulary to describe the music. We discovered that a lot of Latin music has a fast tempo (allegro), the lyrics are Spanish and the tonality of the music is major. To show everything we learned about Latin America we made collages!

Year 5 - Now Press Play: Pompeii

Date: 23rd May 2023 @ 4:23pm

To support the learning in our geography unit : Volcanoes and Earthquakes, the pupils in year 5 completed an immersive experience using the Now Press Play resource. The children were dropped into a story set in Roman times, where they witnessed the deverstating eruption of the volcano which burried the city of Pompeii in 79AD. This also linked to learning about the Roman Empire, which children completed in year 4.

Whole School - Fishers Farm visit

Date: 23rd May 2023 @ 2:39pm

Boundary has been lucky enough to secure a visit from Fishers Mobile Farm today! This special event not only gives the opportunity for children to see animals they may not have seen before up-close but it also supports their learning journey across Science, Geography, PSHE, Maths and even Reading into Writing! Our children have been telling us about the animals that they have at home including those whose family live in other countries, like Emmanuel whose family have a goat called Coonudoo!
Visit our school website for more pictures and to learn more about the learning taking place today. #BoundaryBelieves

Year 4 - Manaus v London

Date: 16th May 2023 @ 3:37pm

This week, we continued our studies of South America, The Amazon and The Amazon Rainforest. We looked at lots of pictures and compared the two cities. We then annotated our flip chart papers using Human and Physical Geography vocabulary such as river, rainforest, city, capital city, rural and urban.