Physical Education: Blog items

Nursery PE

Date: 8th Feb 2024 @ 12:12pm

Nursery are throughly enjoying PE sessions with Mr Humble. They have been developing their ball skills by bouncing and catching balls, exploring differemt ways to move their bodies and have even taken part in some team games. PE is also a great way to develop the children's listening and attention skills as well as their PSED skills.

Year 4 - Circuits

Date: 5th Feb 2024 @ 8:55pm

This week, we recapped last week's lesson where we worked on strengthening our upper body. Then we work through circuits to work on our change of direction, effort level and speed.

Year 2- Yoga

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 8:10am

Over the past few weeks, Year Two have been doing Yoga in PE. It has helped us be more mindful, relaxed and calm as well as improving our balance and strength. We have completed a range of poses including: the warrior, superhero pose, spiderman pose, batman pose and a variety of others. At the end of each session, our cool down is a relaxing exercise where we focus on our breathing and bringing the calmness back into the classroom.

Year 6 - Gymnastics

Date: 30th Jan 2024 @ 2:43pm

In Gymnastics this week we began by recapping on the basic body shapes the children have practised over the years. We then discussed the terms counter-tension and counter balance. Our lesson involved creating different balances on a variety of points and patches. We developed a sequence of balances and linked each balance with a travel or transition.

Reception- Super Hero City!

Date: 29th Jan 2024 @ 7:46am

This week Reception have had lots of fun in PE pretending to be super heroes!

They practiced their running, jumping and hopping skills and then went on to throwing and catching. They had to listen, take turns and try not to crash into each other.

Take a look at our photos.

Year 5 - Yoga

Date: 25th Jan 2024 @ 11:23am

In PE this week, pupils continued on their Yoga journey. We have learned the Sun Salutation movement and discussed how yoga and meditation can help support our mental and physical health. Pupils enjoyed this time to be peaceful and relax their bodies. 

Year 1 No Pen Morning

Date: 17th Jan 2024 @ 7:41am

This morning we had lots of fun learning without the aid of a pen/pencil. We started off the day with our music lesson. We used the glockenspiels to learn how to play the backing track to ‘We All Sing A Song’.  This song had three notes, ‘F, G. A’ which we had to listen to and then repeat back. This was is the style of the Waltz.

After, during our PHSE lesson, we learnt about all the hazards that you would find around the home. We worked in small groups, using our oracy skills, to explain why each picture may or may not be a hazard. We all had the opportunity to give a reason for their picture while the other children listened to their answers.

In our PE session we explored different ways of moving to begin to create a winter dance.

Year 4 - Fitness (Circuit training)

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 6:26pm

Today we start our Fitness unit. We recapped some circuit activities such as step up and star jumps, then we learned to how to do squats, lateral side steps and lunges.

Key Stage 2 Boccia Champions!

Date: 19th Dec 2023 @ 8:09am

Yesterday, our Key Stag 2 pupils took part in the School Games Boccia Competition. Boccia is a game designed for all, where pupils sit down and take turns throwing balls towards a target. To score points, you must get as close as you can to the jack (white ball), against an opposition and...they came 1st! Well done team!

Reception Elf Olympics

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 11:58am

On Friday the children in Reception enjoyed taking parting in our interhouse competition organised by the Sports Council 'The Elf Olympics.  The children worked in their house teams to complete a range of festive games including team relays races, a bauble and spoon race and dress the snowman.  The children had a great time working together to earn point for their houses Chepstow, Bathurst, Rodwell and Elston.  Well done everyone!

Year 2- Elf Olympics

Date: 14th Dec 2023 @ 2:54pm

Today we took part in the Elf Olympics where we played lots of games to try and win points for our house. These will be added to our total house points that we win via dojos for going above and beyond!

Year 4 - Elf-lympics and Christmas dinner!

Date: 11th Dec 2023 @ 7:49pm

Today we took part in the Elf-lympics playing for points for our houses. Then we enjoyed a yummy Christmas Dinner in our Christmas jumpers!

Year 2- Fundamental Skills

Date: 11th Dec 2023 @ 4:25pm

This half term, Year Two have been working hard with their teachers and Mr Perkins practicing their fundamental skills including: throwing, catching and rolling. Over the last 7 weeks, we have learnt to do an underarm throw, thinking about bending the opposite leg, placing our palm towards the target and keeping a straight arm to ensure we throw accurately. We have completed many games where we have had to aim at targets on different levels and today we completed relay races to see who could get the most amount of balls into the baskets at the end as it was thrown down the line. 

Nursery Prepare for the Reindeers

Date: 8th Dec 2023 @ 1:08pm

We have been reading the story "The Christmasaurus" by Tom Fletcher. It's all about a dinosaur who lives at the North Pole with Santa. The Christmasaurus really wants to fly so he can pull Santa's sleigh. Santa say's he will try to help him learn to fly and suggets the Christmasaurus eats some magical reindeer food. We made our own reindeer food for Santa's reindeer and the Christmasarus. The chidren had to count 3 spoonfuls of porridge oats and 2 pinches of magical glitter and then give it a gentle shake! They had to concentrate really hard to make sure each spoonful of porridge and each pinch of glitter went in to the bag!

Year 6 - The Haka

Date: 7th Dec 2023 @ 7:49am

In dance this half term we have been looking at the ceremonial war dance 'The Haka'. We have discussed the significance of the dance and how it is used by the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team to challenge their opponents. We then took the steps of the dance and learned them over the past couple of weeks. We have performed the dance in unison and cannon - our final lesson will be to challenge the other Year 6 class.

Year 6 - Forest School

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 4:02pm

Today we had our first of three Forest School sessions. In this session we spent our time lighting fires, making hot chocolate and using thinsg found in nature to create headbands/wreaths. The weather was cold but the sun was shining and we had a great time.

Nursery Go to Space

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 11:26am

Nursery visited outerspace this week! We read the story "The Way Back Home" by Oliver Jeffers about a boy who finds an areoplane and flies all the way to the moon! He runs out of petrol and meets an alien whose spaceship has broken down! We learnt all about the different planets and used balloons to print some planets. Outside we built a rocket using the bricks and went on lots of adventures to space! One day we discovered some aliens in our garden and we talked about how they might of got there. We also used magnetic shapes and building blocks to build our own rockets. We had to think carefully about the shapes we needed to make a rocket. Its been a very busy week! 

Acorns - Jumping For Joy

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 9:51am

During our PE session, we enjoyed jumping over the hurdles and crawling underneath them. We then explored with balls and rolled them underneath the hurdles too. We had such a fun time! 

Year 4 - Starting a sequence

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 8:46am

After learning new rolls and jumps (pike, straddle and forward straddle), we have started to look at how we can put them into a sequence ready to perform to the rest of the class.

Year 6 - Volleyball

Date: 24th Nov 2023 @ 10:09am

This week in PE, we continued with our Net and Wall Skills unit. We learned the basics of volleyball and the different ways in which to get the ball over the net. We also learned how to serve and then played some mini games. 

Year 6 - The Haka

Date: 15th Nov 2023 @ 8:50pm

Today we began our dance unit - The Haka. We watched different performances of the Haka and discussed the history behind it. We learned that The Haka is a ceremonial Māori war dance or challenge. Haka are usually performed in a group and represent a display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity. We performed the first 15 seconds of the dance in unison and made sure that we could all follow the movements in time and synchronised. Over the weeks we will add parts to the dance until we have learnt the entire routine.


Nursery - Pop, Whizz, Bang

Date: 9th Nov 2023 @ 8:05pm

Nursery celebrated Firework Night with a big bang! The children explored the different sounds fireworks make and used their bodies to become fireworks! They used their imaginations to create firework patterns on special scratch paper and explored a firework sensory tray. Outside, the children all sat round a bonfire and drank pretend hot chocolate. The children also explored changes by melting chocolate to create some breadstick sparklers - they were delicious! 

Nursery Parachute Games

Date: 2nd Nov 2023 @ 12:44pm

We have been exploring the parachute in nursery. This is a great way to support physical development and build realtionships with each other. We are starting with simple games to learn how to use the parachute and we will slowly intorduce more games. 

Nursery Gets a Bit Spooky!

Date: 2nd Nov 2023 @ 11:28am

Nursery have a had a very spooky time this week. We have had lots of halloween activities to support our social and emotional development, our communication and language and physical development. The children have been mixing their own potions, exploring how to get halloween objects out of ice and counting legs on spiders. There have also been some very messy activities that have encouraged the chidlren to talk about what they can see, smell and feel. 

Year 4 - Gymnastics

Date: 30th Oct 2023 @ 8:40pm

This half term, we are doing Gymnastics during our in school PE lesson with Miss Crystal and Miss Bates. During our first lesson, after a stretching warm up, we focused on how to safely complete a jump and we recapped previous jumps we have learned such as a star jump. Today, we looked at a straddle jump, pike jump and half turn.