The Shield

'There is a superhero in all of us we just need the courage to put on the cape'shield 1.PNG


Here at Boundary we believe that children need a safe space to explore their emotions in order to develop their emotional intelligence. The Shield is part of our behaviour hierarchy but it is also a big part of the children's school life. It is a place where children can come to talk about their worries, share their success and to help them learn all about the characteristics of an Always person so they can truly become the best that they can be.


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At Boundary we learn from our mistakes...

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'This course helped me to see that I had made some poor choices and I know to think my choices through!'  


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Conversations without Boundaries

The Boundary Podcast


  Boundary Primary School is very proud to announce our podcast! We have a new team this year. Head over to our podcast page to see!  



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