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Merry Christmas!

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 4:31pm

Well that's it- another term finished and what a lot of learning we have done! To celebrate all our hard work he have had a really fun week celebrating Christmas. We've made Gingerbread Men, Christmas crackers and reindeer food. The best part has to be our Christmas party when we had a visit from the main man himself - Father Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Magic!

Date: 10th Dec 2020 @ 2:55pm

The magic of Christmas has definitely arrived at Nursery! We have been making decorations, building Santa's sleigh and counting his presents and making Christmas models out of play dough. We have had to keep a close eye on our cheeky Elf called Buzz because he keeps trying to run away! We are all getting so excited for Christmas and can't wait for our Christmas party next week!

Christmas 2020 at Boundary

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 3:00pm

Although it has looked very different from previous years, we have still celebrated the festive season at Boundary, albeit it in our bubbles and via whole school virtual assemblies.

Our carol service was a beautiful event, witnessed, shared and enjoyed (virtually!) by the whole school – a testament to the resilience, patience and determination of both our children and our staff.

During the week, bubbles have enjoyed their Christmas dinner. The hall was set out beautifully with crackers to pull, hats to wear and the odd poor joke to tell for each year group bubble to enjoy their Christmas dinner on their special day! A huge ‘Thank You’ goes to all the staff for making it run smoothly, especially Debbie and all the catering and welfare staff for all their hard work in making our delicious dinner.

Each bubble also enjoyed their party day this week, with children wearing their Christmas jumpers and their best party clothes! Each class spent the last afternoon of this term watching a special virtual pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and eating popcorn.

Although 2020 has not been the year we would have hoped for, our children, staff and parents and carers have once again united to create a supportive, nurturing environment for the children of Boundary, ensuring that each child continues to receive the best education and start in life despite the events of this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your ongoing support during these strange and difficult times and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful, safe and happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming you all back in January.


Religious Education - a summary of our learning so far....

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 1:00pm

At Boundary, our curious and tolerant children have had a busy few weeks learning lots about different religions and we can’t wait to share what we have done…

Reception have been busy learning about the Christmas story and filming our nativity in their outdoor area. They loved dressing up and re-enacting the nativity play.

This half term in Year 1 for RE, the children have been learning all about Jesus and the Christmas Story.  They have learnt about the roles of a family and why babies are special. They have read the Christmas Story and then ordered the events.  This week, they worked together in groups, to sort out Christmas cards into ones with a religious meaning and ones without.

Year 2 having been exploring the question...

Why do Christians say that Jesus is the 'Light of the World'?

They children have learnt about how lights are used by Christians in celebration and to mark special events, what advent means and how they can be a light to other people!

Year 3 have been learning about Islam and who Muslims follow. They have learnt about the characteristics that the prophet Mohammed showed and how Muslims can be charitable. The children have reflected on this and how they can apply it to the role models in our lives.

In Year 4, they have been learning about Christianity and how Christians show love to everyone. The children have done this by looking at parables such as The Good Samaritan and The Unforgiving Servant. These parables have told them that it is important to 'Love thy neighbour' and treat everyone around them with care and respect.

This term in Year 5 they have been learning about Islam. They looked at Ramadan, The 5 Pillars of Islam, The Holy Qur'an and Hajj.

The Holy book of Islam is the Qur'an, Muslims clean themselves in water that has been blessed, before they hold it. - Lacey-Morgan

The pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) is one of the five pillars of Islam and Muslims must do it at least once in their life if they are physically capable of it. Ihram is the name given to the special spiritual state in which pilgrims wear two white sheets of seamless cloth during their pilgrimage. - Myles

Year 6 children have been learning about the Hindu belief in reincarnation, karma and the 4 Ashramas (stages of life). The children have reflected on the milestones they have achieved in their lives already and possible future ones.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 5:24pm

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit this week! We had a big surprise on Monday morning - Santa had sent Buzz the Elf to watch over us and report to him each night! We decided we better be on our very best behaviour so, we helped Santa to wrap some presents in our elf wrapping station! We also made baubles and hung them on our tree, wrote letters to Santa, made Christmas lists and even made our Christmas cards. And that's not all! We also made playdough snowmen, candy canes, Christmas trees and sparkly stars - there was a lot of glitter involved! We can't wait for more Christmas fun next week!

Our year so far....

Date: 4th Dec 2020 @ 3:00pm

Nursery have had a jam packed half term so far!

We have been spooked with lots of Halloween activities. We made some pumpkin prints and used different shapes to create a shape witch.

We remembered all the brave soldiers and planted a poppy for them on Remembrance Day. We talked about the different jobs soldiers do and how they look after us.

Then it was time for Odd Socks Day when we celebrated our differences. We read the story “It Okay To Be Different” By Todd Parr and talked about how we are all different.

Next, we had an unexpected visit to space! The children decided to build a space rocket and fly to the moon. We made a space den and even made some intergalactic space slime! 

We have also been doing lots of outdoor learning and we’ve had some great tunes tapped out on our new music wall! The bikes have also been a great hit and it’s been brilliant to watch the children build their confidence and ride down the hill!

And now it’s time for all the Christmas fun to start! Sorry in advance for all the glitter!

We've Been On A Bear Hunt!

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 4:19pm

We have been on a bear hunt this week! We have read "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen and the children have really enjoyed joining in with repeated parts of the story. We have been exploring all the different colours and textures from the book like oozy brown mud and green swishy swishy grass. We've made collages with materials and explored different coloured paint. Some bears even got stuck in some gloop! We've been counting bears in the maths area and developing our finger muscles by pegging words from the story on to a washing line. Its been a beary good week!

The Week We Wore Odd Socks and Went To Space!

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 4:45pm

It has been a jam packed week in Nursery! We started off the week wearing odd socks to celebrate Anti - Bullying week. We read the story "It's Ok To Be Different" By Todd Carr and talked about how being different makes us special. Then we read the story "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" By Judith Kerr and practised our counting by counting out stripes to put on tigers. On Wednesday the children chose to build a rocket out of the chairs and fly to space! They had a bit of engine trouble and got the tools out to fix it and then off they flew! The children had their snack on the moon and then built some rockets out of junk modelling! To finish off the space theme, we made some intergalactic space slime! Phew! We all need a rest now!

Poppies and Thanks

Date: 12th Nov 2020 @ 3:33pm

This week we have been thinking about all the brave soldiers and saying thank you to them for keeping us safe. We have talked about Poppies and why we wear them on Remembrance Day and the children have had lots of different opportunities to make their own poppies. On Wednesday we joined in with a whole school virtual Remembrance Service and the children were so good during the 2 minute silence - we were very proud of them! We watched a short animation that shares the story in a beautiful and simple way. If you would like to watch it with your child click on the following link

With a Boo and a Bang!

Date: 5th Nov 2020 @ 3:10pm

It has been a spooky week in nursery! We have been celebrating Halloween with lots of creepy activities! We have rescued spiders from a bowl of wobbly jelly, made a witches face out of shapes and counted eyes balls, bats and skeletons in the maths area. We read the story "What's In The Witches Kitchen" and decided we definitely would not want to drink goblins wee - yuck! As well as Halloween fun, we also celebrated Bonfire Night by painting firework pictures and used some special scratch paper to create fireworks using lines and circles.

Cut It, Peg It, Share It!

Date: 22nd Oct 2020 @ 5:02pm

We have had such a busy and fun half term! It has been a pleasure getting to know all of our new starters and we have done so much exploring and investigating. We finished off this half term talking about similarities and differences for Black History month and the children were able to talk about how they were similar to their friends. We have also been practising our cutting skills, developing our fine motor skills by pegging numbers on to a washing line and talking part in collaborative play with activities in the tuff tray.

Numbers, Dancing and Squeegees!

Date: 15th Oct 2020 @ 4:34pm

Another week has gone whizzing by! This week we have been learning all about Numberblocks 1, 2 and 3! We have done lots of counting and have been sorting groups of objects. We have also been developing our gross motor skills by using the water and squeegees outside. On Thursday, everyone in school thought about Mental Health and in Nursery we thought about ways to feel happy when you are feeling sad. We decided that dancing was a great way to cheer yourself up, so we all had a good dance!

What A Whopper!

Date: 8th Oct 2020 @ 3:44pm

This week we have been reading the story "The Gigantic Turnip". We have had so much fun learning lots of new words to describe something that is big - ginormous, massive, huge, colossal, giant! The children have been practising using one handed tools by carefully cutting up different vegetables, they have also been printing with different vegetables and giving the. Alongside all of this, they have been using the doctors equipment in the role play area. We might juts have some budding surgeons amongst us! 


Jungle Boogie

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 3:44pm

Down in the jungle where nobody goes there were lots of nursery children exploring animals this week! We have been learning the Animal Boogie, chasing after jungle animals that escaped, making jungle shakers and baking elephant cookies! The jungle animals have been everywhere! In the water, in the play dough and even outside. If you listened carefully, you might even have heard the roar of a tiger or the chitter chatter of a monkey!

Owls, Dens and Friends!

Date: 27th Sep 2020 @ 10:18pm

We are having so much fun getting to know each other and the children are starting to make friendships and everyones confidence is growing daily. This week we read the story "Owl Babies" and talked about feeling sad when our own Mummy's go. We discussed how we know that we are safe in Nursery and that our Mummy's will come back! We made some play dough owls, owl puppets, practised our funky fingers by catching worms with tweezers and practised our counting by putting 3 owls on a tree.

As well as lots of owl fun, we also worked together this week to build dens. The children found some sticks and said they were going to make a camp fire. We talked about when you might use a camp fire and this opened up a lovely discussion about  camping. We gathered together lots of resources and built some lovely dens for camping!

What a busy and fun week! 

A Week Full Of Colour

Date: 17th Sep 2020 @ 9:58pm

It has been an explosion of colour in nursery this week! We have been reading "The Colour Monster" a story about a monster who changes colour depending on how he is feeling. When he is happy he turns yellow, if you we could change colour, I think we would all have been yellow this week because we've had so much fun! The children have been making their own monsters and exploring the different colours. They have also been building relationships with each other by sharing and working together when playing outside.  

Nursery Is Back!

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 8:00pm

What a great two weeks we have had in Nursery! Our existing children have settled straight back in and our new children are doing really well learning our nursery routines and making new friends. We can't wait to share our adventures with you this year - it's going to be fab! 

Changes to Home Time Arrangements

Date: 3rd Sep 2020 @ 4:18pm

Changes to home time arrangements

As we have now been open for a number of days we have noticed a concerning lack of social distancing by parents and carers. Therefore, we are enhancing our COVID Safe rules.

We recommend that face coverings are worn by all parents and carers who are medically able to do so – staff will also be wearing face coverings.

To further ensure safe exiting at the end of the date, we will now stagger the collection times:

Year 3 – finish at 3:15pm

Year 4 – finish at 3:10pm

Year 5 – finish at 3:20pm

Year 6 – finish at 3:25pm

As always, for those parents/carers who have to collect children from Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1, staff will still wait with your child until you can collect them from their designated zone.

Nursery, Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3

There will be no changes to Reception and Key Stage 1 at this time, however, this situation is under constant review. Please remember, do not call your child over to you, they will be brought to you by a member of staff.

Please follow these new procedures to help keep your child safe.