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Year 4 Boucle d'Or Et Les Trois Ours

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 8:03am

This half term in french we are focussing on a whole range of new vocabulary. We are using the the well known children's book, Goldilocks and the Three Bears to discuss and learn this new vocabulary. This week we listened to the story in French and then with our partners, tried to match the pictures to the words in French. We listened to the story again to check our answers and finished off with an interactive game on the whiteboard.

Year 6 - faisons la tarte tatin

Date: 13th Jun 2022 @ 5:32pm

Today we completed our cooking journey on making a tarte tatin. We began the day by researching a range of existing baked apple products and made a slides presentaiton with lots of informaiton about the products, including photos, recipes, history of the product and where they originate from. Then we tasted a few of these products so that we could evaluate them for their smell, taste, appearance and texture. Next we practiced the skills needed to make a tarte tatin - this involved using a peeler and sharp knife to peel, core and slice apples using a safe method. Finally, we ended the day by making a tarte tatin in groups. The trickiest part was making the caramel - we had to keep an eye on how much heat we were adding to the sugar because we didn't want it to burn and be ruined. Our finished products looked and smelled amazing. They tasted even better!!

Year 6 Writing about the weekend in French

Date: 19th May 2022 @ 7:52pm

Year 6 have worked really hard in their French lesson today. First we recapped on vocabulary from previous lessons including telling the time and activities that are done at the weekend. The children then learned some new opinion phrases, before translating an email into French and writing their own. Super work Year 6!

Year 6 Le Week-end

Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 3:38pm

Year 6 continued their new unit of French - Le Week-end. We recapped on how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes before learning phrases to describe activities that can be done at the weekend. Some children completed a challenge where they had to use their learning from the last two lessons to write sentences describing what activities they do at the weekend and the time that they do them.

Year 4 Chez Moi

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 5:19pm

This week in French Year 4 have been learning all about houses and the different types of rooms. We have also been discussing different types of environment that people live in. For example, the city, by the sea and in the countryside. We had a great paired discussion and activity this week!

Year 6 Describing Viking hair in French!

Date: 20th Jan 2022 @ 2:30pm

Year 6 had a fun afternoon continuing their 'Les Vikings' unit in French. This week the children learned how to describe hair using the irregular verb 'avoir'. After learning how to describe the length, colour and style of hair, they played games of Guess Who where they had to ask questions - in French - about a person's hair. 

Year 4 Pas de journée de stylo

Date: 18th Jan 2022 @ 4:25pm

Today was 'No Pen Day' at Boundary which fitted perfectly into our French lesson this week! We are learning all about our families in French and it gave us a great opportunity for a discussion about all the different people in our families. We were able to ask each other about our different family members and answer back in French! Bon travail Year 4!

Year 5 Quelle Est La Date Aujourd'hui?

Date: 14th Jan 2022 @ 8:30am

In French this week Year 5 have begun learning the months of the year and recapping numbers to 31. We will be using this knowledge to write and say the date in French and, later on in the term, translate diary entries and dates of birth from French to English and vice versa.
We began our journey by looking at images that represent each month and saying the French word for that month out loud. Then, to check our understanding, we played a matching game where we had to pair up each image with its associated month name - we even had to put them in the correct order!
Finally, we once again recapped our number from 1 to 31 by singing along to the French number song - a song which, once you hear it, you can hardly ever forget!
We can't wait to continue our learning!

Year 3 Bingo!!

Date: 7th Jan 2022 @ 3:34pm

In French, Year 3 have been learning about colours. We learnt to sing a French song and had a game of bingo. We wrote the words in French and had to listen to the words spoken in French to match them up. 

Year 6 Les Vikings

Date: 6th Jan 2022 @ 12:39pm

Our new French topic is 'Les Vikings' and runs alongside our History unit. In today's lesson, we used congnates and familiar language to decode a passage of French about the Vikings. We also enjoyed listening to and translating the song, "Nous Sommes Les Vikings'.

Les verbes irreguliérs

Date: 9th Dec 2021 @ 4:05pm

This week in French, we have continued to learn about French verbs. After learning the rules for conjugating regular verbs earlier this half term, we have now begun to learn about irregular verbs. First, we found various French verbs in the dictionary and translated them into English. Then we learned how to conjugate the irregular verbs avoir (to have), aller (to go) and être (to be). 

More French Grammar

Date: 7th Oct 2021 @ 8:37pm

This week, we have been exploring French grammar based around nouns. We learned how to use a French dictionary to determine a noun's gender, how to make singular nouns plural and how to select the correct definate article depending on whether the noun is masculine, feminine, plural or begins with a vowel.

No Pen Day!

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 3:55pm

Today we put the pens down and used our communication and listening skills to get through the day! In Maths, we used cereal to practise our Key Instant Recall Facts and found different ways to make numbers up to 20. We also completed some speaking and listening games and tested out our memory. 

To finish off the day we found ourselves being secret agents in Paris. We learnt basic French greetings and destroyed the bad guy! 

Guten Tag!

Date: 1st Oct 2021 @ 8:03am

During our European day of Lanaguages, we studied Germany. We learnt some basic German phrases during the day and found Germany on our school Map. We then looked at food from Germant. We had such a great afternoon taste testing a variety of German foods!

European Day of Languages 2021

Date: 27th Sep 2021 @ 2:00pm

Today we celebrated the European Day of Languages. We began by taking broadly about the continent of Europe and some of the countries that make up Europe. From that we began discussing the different European languages we knew. After that, Oak and Elder classes were given a specific country to focus on: Poland and Latvia. We then used Google Translate to find out what some key words/phrases are in Polish and Latvian. We also found out some other key facts about the countries, such as populaiton, countires that they border with and traditional dishes. We enjoyed finding out about other countries.

Les Commandes De La Classe

Date: 9th Sep 2021 @ 5:03pm

In today's lesson we recapped over previous learning and the French words and phrases we could remember. We then looked at and listened to common classroom commands in French. We had fun repeating the words and phrases where we came up with actions to go with them. We can't wait to see what else we'll be learning in French in the coming weeks! 

Is it masculine or feminine?

Date: 8th Sep 2021 @ 7:33pm

This half term we will be learning more about French grammar. We started by learning about indefinite articles. In French, indefinite articles are the equivalent of our English words a and an. We learned that the French have two indefinite articles - un and une - and that nouns are either masculine or feminine. You use un when the noun is masculine and une when the noun is feminine. As part of the lesson, we also used bilingual dictionaries to find nouns and their gender. 

Learning about WWII in French

Date: 15th Jun 2021 @ 2:50pm

Today we began our final unit in French - La Seconde Guerre Mondiale (The Second World War). Firstly, we had to use Google translate to work out the meaning of a range of words in French so that we had a good understanding of the words we were going to learn about in this unit. We then used the words we had translated to translate long sentences related to WWII. We will build on our understanding of new vocabulary over the next 5 sessions.

French - What I wear to school

Date: 4th May 2021 @ 4:00pm

Our French learning journey continued this week and we introduced the verb Porter (to wear). We looked at different verb endings depending on who is wearing the item of clothing and then completed an activity about clothes that are worn to school. We then used bilingual dictionaries to find words of unfamiliar clothing items. 

No Pen French

Date: 20th Apr 2021 @ 4:42pm

We continued our French lessons as part of ‘No Pen Day’, learning more nouns and articles for different items of clothing. We took our learning outside and enjoyed completing a matching activity in the warm spring sunshine. 

Fruits in French

Date: 22nd Mar 2021 @ 7:13pm

This half term we have been learning the names of different fruits in French. We have been combining this with the phrase 'I like' and 'I don't like' in French which is J'aime and Je n'aime pas. We have been practising our speaking and listening each week and learning some of the spellings.

Quel temps fait-il? (What is the weather?)

Date: 9th Mar 2021 @ 4:08pm

Our French learning continued this week and we started to learn how to answer the question: Quel temps fait-il? (which translates in English to 'What is the weather?') We started by revising classroom instructions and greetings before moving on to learn nine phrases that describe different types of weather. 

What have you been learning at home?

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 2:48pm

So we've started our new National Lockdown and we're also really busy learning online through Seesaw. The children in school are trying hard to complete the tasks too, but its great to see pupils working from home on their reading, writing and maths. The sites available for the children have usernames and passwords which should be in the pupil's reading diary, we are available via email to support you all too! We know this is a very difficult time for everyone, so well done to those people who are trying their best online each day! We're all learning new skills together! 

This half term our History is about the Stone Age, Science is about bones and muscles, French is about animals and PHSE covers a range of topics from Keeping Safe online to Money and being Positive. HEre are a few examples of children's home learning from this week. Let's keep trying and learning together! 

Language Learning Continues in Lockdown

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 8:44am

Lockdown has not stopped Year 5 from continuing their French lessons. We have started our new topic, which is learning how to say the date in French. This week children in school and those at home learned the months of the year. Did you know that the French do not use capital letters for the months?

As-tu un animal?

Date: 25th Nov 2020 @ 5:20pm

Our French learning continued this week with our topic - As-tu un animal? This translates in English to, Do you have an animal? This week we learned how to use the negative structure - je n'ai pas de (I do not have). We completed a listening activity and then learned how to write sentences.