Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC): Blog items

Year 6 - Girls Football

Date: 23rd Jun 2022 @ 9:14pm

This week has been a very busy week for lots of our Year 6 children, who have been taking part in various events at Stanley Park. Today, some of our Year 6 girls took part in a football event and did themselves and the school proud. The girls have never played as a team together before so to play as they did really demonstrated their team-work and determination. Well done to all the girls who took part.

Year 3 - Zoo trip!

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 4:19pm

As part of our Science consolidation unit we went on a trip to the zoo to investigate an animals diet. We looked at what they ate to keep them healthy and compared this to our diet. We also linked our discussion to out Skeletons and Muscles topic and compared the size and shape of different muscles and bones. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip out and looking at the different animals.

Reception Superheroes

Date: 13th Jun 2022 @ 4:26pm

Reception have returned to school from the half term holidays and our classrooms have been transformed into Superhero Central.  The children have enjoyed exploring the classroom areas and completing lots of superhero themed activities including superhero maths composition, superhero phonics, role playing in the superhero headquarters, retelling the story of 'Supertato and lots more. What a 'super' start to Summer 2.

Boundary's Jubilee Jamboree!

Date: 27th May 2022 @ 4:02pm

The flag was flying high, all the corridors and the hall were decorated with Union Jack bunting and  our staff and children, dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We then took part in a whole school assembly where we watched footage of the Queen's Coronation from 2nd June 1953 and learnt a song which told us a little bit more about our longest reigning monarch!

At lunchtime the children enjoyed a Royal picnic lunch and raised their cup of juice to give a toast to HM The Queen!

Long live The Queen!


Nursery Celebrate 70 years of The Queen

Date: 27th May 2022 @ 3:06pm

Nursery enjoyed celebrating the Queen being on the throne for 70 years with some very royal activities. They made crowns, had a Royal tea party and made some finger print Union Jack flags. Everybody wore red, white and blue clothes and had a very royal time indeed! 

Year 2- Here's to the Queen

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 4:25pm

Today, alongside the whole School, Year Two celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We begun the day with an assembly explaining why we celebrate and how life has changed during the Queen's time on the throne. We all enjoyed a delicious special Jubilee lunch party eating yummy sandwiches, crisps and some salad with music to celebrate in true style. During the afternoon, we looked at some jubilee themed riddles linking to our Reading into Writing journey. We all had a lovely day and the children looked lovely in their red, white and blue clothing. Here's to the Queen!

Jubilee Celebrations at Boundary

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 1:51pm

Boundary's Jubilee Celebration's have begun. Our staff and children took part in a whole school assembly where we watched footage of the Queen's Coronation from 2nd June 1953 and learnt a song which told us a little bit more about our longest reigning monarch!

Jubilee lunchtime! The children are enjoying their special Jubilee picnic boxes and homemade cupcakes (these will be on sale at the end of the day too!)

Year 6 - 'Road Sense' safety talk

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 11:08am

Today we were visited by Lancashire Fire Service who delivered a talk on road safety. They talked through the importance of being aware when crossing roads by putting our phones down, turning music off and pulling down hoods. They also talked about the different pedestrian crossings to use when walking to high school. This was a very important talk as soon the children will be more indepdent and allowed to walk on their own if they don't already so road safety is crucial.

Year 6 - After SATs treat!

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 10:54am

Today, Year 6 pupils (and staff) were treated to an end of term treat - the ice cream van came to see us!! All the children received either an ice cream or ice looly as a treat for doing so well in their SATs. Well done Year 6, we're very proud of your achievements.

Year 2 Now Press Play

Date: 25th May 2022 @ 4:43pm

Today, Year Two used the Now Press Play equipment to consolidate their knowledge about plants. During the story, we were set a mission to find the best place to plant seeds to ensure they would grow into healthy vegetables. We planted our seeds in a dark cave, a sandy desert and a grassy forest. We found in the cave the plants grew along the floor in search of sunlight just like our cress we grew in the cupboard. The plants in the desert grew but were brown because they didn't have enough water. Finally, our plant in the forest grew into healthy vegetables which we then gave out to the villagers. 

Year 1 Stanley Park Trip

Date: 24th May 2022 @ 6:51pm

Today our Year 1 children went to Stanley Park! We have been excited about this trip for the last few weeks and we were all very happy to see the sun shining this morning! After walking to the park, we took part in lots of different activities linking to our Science learning for this half term, which has been all about plants and trees. We took part in a senses hunt, a scavenger hunt and drew observational drawings of flowers. We made our teachers proud with our fantastic behaviour and displayed lots of Boundary characteristics throughout our trip. 

Year 6 - Letters of persuasion

Date: 24th May 2022 @ 10:20am

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have been exploring and writing letters of persuasion. We looked at information about the current effects of plastic pollution and used these facts to write a letter to Boris Johnson. The letter aims to persuade the prime minister to take action with other world leaders in an attempt to slow down, and eventually stop, plastic pollution. We will be sending several of these letters to Downing Street. Let's see if we get a response!!

Reception: Holly Class- Down on the farm...

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 5:04pm

Holly class had such an enjoyable time when the mobile farm came to visit.

They met Helga the pig, Burt the  cow and stroked the pigmy goats, rabbits and ducklings and also learnt about their young. 

"You get milk from cows" Charlea-Rae.

"The goats are so soft" Mercedes.

"A lamb is a baby sheep" Alicja.

"Pigs have a snout not a nose" Charlie.

Reception met Petra Proud

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 3:55pm

In Reception this week we have met our characteristic monster 'Petra Proud'  We have been talking about all the different things we are proud of and the importance of taking pride in our work at school.  We made a 'proud cloud' and stuck all our ideos on it.


"I am proud when I do my challenge" Harrison

"I am proud of my reading champion badge" Isobelle

"I am of proud of my writing.  I can read it all now"  Evelyn

"I am proud of my team.  I'm in the red team"  I proud when we win the race" Charlie

"I am proud when I'm on the pot of Gold" Joshua

"I am proud of my maths work" Lexi-May

Boundary is awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 12:16pm

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark for our outstanding work in the subject of Science! Thank you to the hardwork of our children and staff.

Reception visit the farm

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 11:32am

Reception had a great time visiting the Mobile Farm on the playground.  We met a calf called Burt and big pig called Helga.  They also had an opportunity to stroke the baby rabbits, goats and ducklings.  The children had a fantastic time learning about all the different animals, what they like to eat, the names of their young and why farms are important.

"I know you can get milk from goats, cows and sheep" Harper-Mai

"A baby cow is called a calf" Isaac

"Pigs have snouts and their feet are called trotters" Evelyn

 What a fantastic experience for all children!

Year 4 Fit to Go visit Bloomfield Road

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 7:50am

On Wednesday , Year 4 took part in the Fit 2 Go Festival. They spent the morning completing a variety of team based games. The children got the chance to complete  a fitness circuit at the side of the pitch at Bloomfield Road. Year 4 were also very lucky as they got the chance to got behind the scene at Blackpool Football Club and sit in the home teams dressing room.

Year 5 - Summer with Forest School

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 7:26am

Forest school is back and this time its sunny! This week the pupils continued working towards their level 2 awards, completing several different tasks. After a warm-up activity of 'Hide and Seek meets Among Us', pupils were whittling wood to make a small butter knife, hand knitting scarves with brightly coloured wool, and using mushrooms to light the campfire (without cotton wool). Once we had got the camp fire going, we toasted marshmallows to eat as we discussed what we had learned.  

Nursery, Reception and Year 1: The Farm came to Boundary

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 4:33pm

The Children from Nursery, Reception and Year 1 had a great time today with a visit from Fishers Mobile Farm. We really enjoyed meeting Bert, Nugget, Tikka and all the farm animals - it was very exciting as we met them all in the Key Stage 2 PLAYGROUND!
The children got up close to a calf, a mother sheep and her lambs, two very cute baby goats, chickens, ducklings, rabbits and one very sleepy pig! We found out what the animals like to eat and what the baby animals were called - we found out that a baby rabbit is called a kitten! "I had the best day at the farm" said one of the nursery children!

Year 5 - Blackpool Zoo Visit

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 1:05pm

Year 5 visit Blackpool Zoo! To further their learning, Year 5 went on an adventure to learn more about the animals and natural habitats of the Zoo. From hearing about the Orangutans (and meeting Cherie who was named after Tony Blair's wife!) to watching feeding time with the elephants, we were all treated to a variety of interesting talks where we were able to learn more about how a range of animals have adapted over time to survive in their environments. It was really exciting to see the Bactrian camels being fed - they don't share with each other very well! Just before lunch we were treated to a sea lion demonstration where their natural ability to balance, swim, jump and dive were all on show - Gloria even demonstrated the importance of recycling our plastic and not throwing it on the floor or in the oceans!

Year 2 Visitor from St. Marks

Date: 17th May 2022 @ 5:51pm

Today, we had two visitors from our local church. Jenny and Matt are both leaders in the church. We identified Christian symbols, talked about shared beliefs and values as well as discussing worship. We carried out a fun activity to explain that the Church is one community and all works together! We enjoyed meeting Jenny and Matt and loved the learning we did together. 

Year 6 sketching - introduction to Stephen Wiltshire

Date: 11th May 2022 @ 3:38pm

Today we began our sketching unit by looking at the life and art of the artist Stephen Wiltshire. We looked at his website and appraised some of his pieces - we discussed how he used line and value to create his pieces. We were very impressed with his city landscapes, many of which were drawn from memory. We are looking forward to completing more work in his style and learning about other artists.

Year 5 Bikeability

Date: 11th May 2022 @ 8:24am

Some of our Year 5 children  have worked very hard over the last two days to achieve their level 2 award. They have demonstrated many of our Boundary Characteristics while completing all of their assessments. They learnt about bike maintenance and road safety

Reception: Boundary Promises

Date: 30th Apr 2022 @ 10:53am

This week, the whole school have been remembering our School Promises and why they wear an Always Badge.

Reception have been demonstrating these throughout the week.

"Always be honest- dont' tell lies" Indy

"Be respectful- have good manners" Charlie

"Always use kind words- not swear words or horrible words that make you cry" Marleigh

"You have to be kind and not hurt people" Alicya

"I try my best in everything I do" Mercedes.

"Be ready for phonics- be in the right place with the right things." Ariella

"You wear an Always Badge becuase you follow the Boundary Promises" Harrison


Year 4 Science Day

Date: 25th Apr 2022 @ 5:14pm

It was Science Day last Thursday at Boundary and what a day we had! We focussed on the importance of looking after and reusing our clothes. We carried out an experiment to see which washing detergent would best clean a stained piece of fabric. We stained a t-shirt with black coffee and then tried and tested three different detergents to see which would be the most effective. We discussed how much carbon dioxide is produced throughout the fashion industry and what happens to the clothes and the microplastics they contain when they are thrown away and sent to landfill.