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Musical Masterminds!

Date: 30th Nov 2021 @ 3:46pm

In music, we have been learning how to play E, D and C notes. We have put them together to play along with a variety of tunes. We have also looked a different musical representations such as minims and crotchets. Today, we used our knowledge to compose our own piece of music with 2 bars of 4. We trialled different improvisations and next week we will transcribe our composition and start rehearsals. 

Computer Coding

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 8:39am

This half-term we have been learning how to code animations and games, using a website called  In this lesson we had to code part of a Minecraft game and could even add sound effects and music to make it more realistic. These skills will help the children as they move through school, as computing skills and coding have become part of our everyday lives.  Pupils move from 'block-coding', to 'free coding' and eventually may be able to write their own lines of code.

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo...

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 9:55pm

...or is there? Reception have certainly had lots of fun listening to the story of The Gruffalo! We then painted and collaged him and wrote a list of the food we thought he might like to eat . Also, describing the features of the Gruffalo, through the Gruffalo Song, really helped us remember what he looked like- just in case we ever came across one ourselves!


"Purple prickles down his back" Isaac

"A black tongue, orange eyes and claws" Charlie

"He had horns" Mercedes. 

"Green wart at the end of his nose" Evelyn.

Face in the Space!

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 5:55pm

Year 6 have been learning about musical notation this week. We learned how the notes on the treble clef are dislayed and talked about some simple ways to help us to remember them. The notes in the spaces on the staff are FACE - so we remember that using 'FACE in the space'. We spent some time practising reading music using an online program on our class Chromebooks. 

Fresh Princes of Boundary

Date: 12th Nov 2021 @ 4:15pm

This half term our music lessons are all about Hip-Hop culture, and focus on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, by Will Smith.

This week we listened to and appraised, 'Me, Myself and I' by Del A Soul - discussing the structure and style of the song and comparing it to 'The Fresh Prints of Bel-Air'.  We also discussed the term 'pulse' and tried to move to the pulse in the different tracks.  

We played a rhythm game, where we had to repeat the pattern created by the leader, and finally practised and performed 'The fresh Prince of Bel-Air' together as a class.  

Black History Month

Date: 5th Nov 2021 @ 3:48pm

October was Black History month, and in Year 5 we enjoyed finding out about promenent Black muscians from the past. This linked with our learning in Music, where we were listening to, and making observations about Motown music from the 1960s and 1970s. In our writing journey, we researched the singer and musician, Stevie Wonder, and wrote a historical narrative about his amazing life. As part of our guided reading sessions, we read about other famous Black people who have had an impact on the world; Sislin Fay Allen, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

Travelling By Tuba!

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 7:48pm

Today Year 1 experienced the musical delights of Travelling By Tuba! During the morning show we watched Stewart and Chris perform different musical intruments and pieces from around the world. It was a very entertaining tour around the world, which we all very much enjoyed! We then took part in a workshop where we had the oppourtunity to play some of the musical instruments. Our workshop involved creating a piece of music to a Brazillian Samba! Our day ended in a musical performance where we shared our learning with our audience! 

Travelling by Tuba

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 4:53pm

Today, Year 2 experienced a musical treat. Travelling by Tuba brought their musical expertise to Boundary. First, we watched them perform a show where they played different instruments from different time periods and told us about where they came from. After the show, we enjoyed a workshop where we played different instruments. Elm created a musical masterpiece to a Spanish Tango meanwhile Birch created a Brazillian Samba. Miss Duckworth and Miss Hooson were impressed with all the children's participation and listening skills. 

Musical Motown Masters - Dancing In The Street

Date: 21st Oct 2021 @ 4:49pm

In today’s lesson we listened to our main song ‘Dancing In The Street’ to remind us of the tempo of the song. We looked at what a music stave was and the meaning of the time signature. We also learnt the notes, F A C E and E G B D F and where they are placed on the stave. We played the glockenspiels to ‘Dancing In The Street’ and finished the lesson by learning the verses and chorus to the song where we performed it.

Singing Stevie!

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 4:06pm

During Black History Month, Year 5 have been given the topic of 'Influential Musicians' to research and create work about. 

Over the past week, we have looked at numerous Black musicians, including: Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin and Martha and the Vandellas. We have had so much fun singing and dancing to their songs, but had even more fun writing about them. 

We have been planning our historical narrative around Stevie Wonder so we spent a lesson researching his life. 


Bringing us together!

Date: 1st Oct 2021 @ 4:00pm

During music this week we have been learning a song to perform as a whole class. This week we added glockenspiels to our song and focussed on the beat, pulse and tempo.

Sing It!

Date: 29th Sep 2021 @ 6:51am

Singing Nursery Rhymes and songs is a very important part of our nursery day. It helps the children to become familar with patterns in langauage, rhyming words and it helps the children develop an ear for our language. Both rhythm anf rhyme help the children to hear the sounds and syllabuls in words, which helps them learn to read! The children love using our special "Sing It" bag as it's full of nursery rhyme props. We pull a prop from the bag and then sing the matching rhyme! 

The Colour Monster!

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 2:05pm

We have really enjoyed reading "The Colour Monster" by Anna Llenas. It's a story about a monster whose feelings are all mixed up but his friend helps him to sort them all out. We explored each of the feelings happy, sad, angry, scared, calm and love and listened to different music that made us feel each of those emotions. Can you spot our happy, angry and sad faces in the photos?

Mamma Mia!

Date: 23rd Sep 2021 @ 4:26pm

This half term our music theme is Mamma Mia! Today we listened to the song a couple of times (and maybe had a little dance) to introduce ourselves to our topic. We then broke off into our groups and had a discussion about the music. How did it make us feel? What did we think of the song? What instruments could we hear? What musical vocabulary could we think of to help describe the song? Some great discussion and teamwork from Year 4, not to mention the dancing!

Listen to the beat!

Date: 23rd Sep 2021 @ 3:52pm

In Music, we were devloping or performance skills in signing. We focussed our attention to the pulse, melody and tempo of the song. Next week we are going to be adding the glockenspiel to the song we have been singing today!

Practicing our Harvest assembly songs

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 2:13pm

Assemblies are an important part of our school life. It is where we come together as a school community, to celebrate, to think, to share and to reflect on ourselves living in a global society. It is a special time to develop a wider respect across the whole school membership, to mark special occasions and to develop those important behaviours that are needed in society when large numbers are gathered together.

So on Thursday it was our singing assmebly, we practised singing our Harvest songs; Autumn Days, Cauliflowers Fluffy and Harvest Samba...we have included the videos here so that you can practise them at home too!


Date: 7th Jul 2021 @ 12:06pm

We have been creating our own music! Not only have we enjoyed working with Mr. Simpson to create our Samba Rhythms, but we have composed, transcribed and performed our own music using the notes DEF on the Glockenspeils. We played to each other in class, making sure we took note of the music we had composed. We used crotchets, minims and rests to put 4 beats in each bar. We also tried to draw our notes accurately on the stave! 

Sun Safety!

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 10:09am

As the weather has been getting warmer, we have been learning outdoors more than ever! Therefore, it is very important that we stay safe in the sun. We listened to Mr Tumble's song to help us remember what to do!


"You need to wear a sun hat" Leo

"You need to wear sunglasses" Ella-Rose

"Put suncream on to stop yourself burning" Darcey

"Drink lots of water to stay hydrated" Leyton.

"Stay in the shade" Harley.

Digital Music Technology

Date: 15th Jun 2021 @ 4:29pm

We have been creating our own musical rhythms and accompaniments for tunes using Music Lab on the Chromebooks. We have been looking at keeping the pulse and beat and using different long and short notes to create the rhythms. We changed the pitch and created texture in the melodies by adding layers of sound. Some people used different types of instruments and created synth effects, strings or glockenspiel sounds. 


Singing Success

Date: 11th May 2021 @ 8:21pm

We have had a selection of entries from KS2 for the Boundary Voice competition, which required pupils to sing to their favourite backing track and send in a video for the virtual competition.

The singers were all brilliant and those who participated should be very proud!

We are delighted to have such talented pupils and can't wait to start the school choir again soon.

Fantastic winners have been chosen and will be put forward to the Virtual Blackpool Pop Idol 2021 - Good luck to them!

Celebrating Musical Success

Date: 11th May 2021 @ 7:29pm

Congratulations to Katie who has recieved her Bronze Medal for her Drumming. She has passed this stage with the support of the Peripetatic teacher, Mr Simpson. Well Done!


She joins Rebecca and Lacey-Morgan who were also awarded their Medals for passing their exam during lockdown!

Mad about Music!

Date: 10th May 2021 @ 4:16pm

After listening to and appraising aboriginal music, we moved on to using instruments made from natural materials such as wood and our body parts to compose our own pieces in small groups. We learnt what a crotchet was and we counted in beats of 4. In our teams, we composed our piece and practised, ready to perform next week. 

Samba Rhythms

Date: 4th May 2021 @ 4:35pm

Today we practised using the Samba instruments to create rhythms and played them together. We needed to keep the tempo the same and listen to each other to perform well. We then swapped instruments and played a different beat. Although the dynamics of the room were loud, the beat and tempo were consistent and we worked well as a team. 

Aboriginal Music!

Date: 26th Apr 2021 @ 10:09am

In music we started to look at aboriginal music. We linked this to our geography topic and decided to focus on Australian music. We listened to and appraised a variety of Australian Aboriginal music and we found it extremely interesting. We realised that to make music they used natural resources and their voices. We went outside and used resources that we could find in our playground, wooden instruments and also our bodies to compose our own piece of music. 

Marvellous Musicals!

Date: 20th Apr 2021 @ 4:24pm

Fourteen children from Year Five took part in a musical theatre workshop with Georgia from the  Italia Conti Theatre School. Everyone loved learning to sing, act and dance musical numbers from the musical ‘Annie.'