Boundary Primary School uses online payments for items such as dinner money and school trips. This is carried out by using a secure website called ParentPay and you can pay online using your credit or debit card.  ParentPay is our  method of making payments to Boundary School.

Everyone can benefit from this payment facility. ParentPay is easy-to-use and gives you the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24/7 – safe in the knowledge that the technology used is of the highest internet security available and that funds will reach the School safely.

Parents are given a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; making a payment using your credit or debit card is straightforward and ParentPay holds an electronic record of all payments for you to view at a later date. When you make a payment, an e-mail confirmation is sent to you, giving you reassurance that the transaction has been successful.

ParentPay offers you the ability to set automated email/SMS reminders ensuring you never miss a payment and helping you keep your child’s school meal account in credit at all times.

The more parents that use ParentPay, the greater the benefit is to the school.  You can help us reduce workloads for all staff, creating more time to lend to educational support and the smooth running of the school.  It also ensures that all financial transactions are safe and secure.

If you need any help with any aspect of ParentPay please do not hesitate to pop into the office at the start or end of the school day and we can help you.