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Reception- Life Cycle of a Duck

Date: 26th Jun 2022 @ 11:07pm

Reception have been learning about the life cycle of a duck.

We were very lucky to have our own six duck eggs delivered to us from the farm. These were in an incubator and over the next ten days all the eggs hatched and we had six ducklings which we watched grow and change.

"First they there were six eggs in an incubator" Maya

"An incubator keeps the eggs warm like a mummy duck would if it had a nest" Isobel

"Then the eggs hatched- they cracked open the egg shell with their beaks and they came out" Isaac

"They were wet and needed to dry and keep warm under the heater in the cage" Harrison

"The ducklings were cheeping and running everywhere...when they got bigger we put them in the water...they could swim in the water" Mercedes


Year 4 - Sound in Science

Date: 26th Jun 2022 @ 6:45pm

This week in our Science lesson we revisited our Sound topic. We recapped and discusses how soundwaves are made, how we hear sound and how sound travels. We looked at the different part sof the ear and their function and finished off with a quiz. A great lesson with our Year 4's and some fantastic participation and retreival skills from our long term memory!

Year 2 Hand Hygiene

Date: 25th Jun 2022 @ 8:11pm

This half term in Science, we are consolidating all our learning from Year 2. This week, we discussed how hygiene is important through our Animals including Humans unit. We conducted an experiment to test how effective different cleaning products that we can use on our hands are. We used pepper in a bowl and tested how far the pepper dispersed from our finger when we had washed our hands using: no soap, liquid soap, washing up liquid and hand sanitiser. We learnt the most effective product to use when washing hands is liquid soap and the least effective was no soap. We are enjoying revisiting our learning and deepening our understanding of each unit. 

Year 1 Animals and Humans

Date: 23rd Jun 2022 @ 6:45pm

This week we began our Science consolidation unit. Our lesson this week began with recapping on the parts of the human body and the five senses. We were challenged to label as many part of the human body as we could on a blank human outline. We then recorded different body parts on our whole class body. We could remember lots! After that we then began to talk about animals. We recapped on the different animal classifications and the features of each. We then completed a number of different tasks, including an animal sort, writing about similarities and differences and labelling key features of animal body parts.

Year 3 - Zoo trip!

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 4:19pm

As part of our Science consolidation unit we went on a trip to the zoo to investigate an animals diet. We looked at what they ate to keep them healthy and compared this to our diet. We also linked our discussion to out Skeletons and Muscles topic and compared the size and shape of different muscles and bones. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip out and looking at the different animals.

Year 6 Heal the Earth

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 12:20pm

Today, Year 6 began their new music journey. We started by recapping on musical terminology so that we could correctly use it to listen and appraise the song 'Heal the Earth'. The song was in the style of Reggae and was about how climate change is affecting our planet more than ever before. The lyrics explained how we can work together to solve some of these issues.

Year 4 Electricity

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 7:59am

This half term in Science, we are starting our consolidation unit, recapping everything that we have learnt over the course of the year. This weeks was Electricity. We had a great lesson and has some really good discussions about what we remembered from the start of the year. We spoke about appliances that use electricity, conductors and insulators and labelled the different parts of a circuit. Then we made a range of different circuits using condustors and insulators to put our theories to the test! 

Reception Fluffy Surprises!

Date: 19th Jun 2022 @ 10:11pm

This week Reception had some fluffy surprises- ducklings!

On Monday, a special delivery of six duck eggs in an incubator arrived in our classroom. Over the next 24 hours all six eggs hatched with the children being lucky enough to actually witness this themselves!

When they had dried out they were moved from the incubator to the cage and by Thursday they had already had their first experience of swimming!

The children enjoyed holding them, cleaning their cage out and choosing their names (Bob, Daisy, George, Pepper, Spidey and Nugget)!

"The Incubator keeps the eggs warm" Evelyn.

"They crack the eggs with their beaks" James.

"They hatch ot of the eggs" Charlea- Rai.

A baby duck is a duckling" Loui.


Nursery Fly Alway Butterflies

Date: 16th Jun 2022 @ 1:06pm

We were very lucky to have some caterpillars in nursery to support our learning of growth and change. The children loved watching them grow from tiny caterpillars to big fat carterpillars! It was amazing to then see them make a cocoon and emerge as beautful butterflies! We then released them in to our garden - we had they are happy! 

Reception-The life cycle of a butterfly.

Date: 26th May 2022 @ 1:28pm

Over the last half term, Reception have been watching their caterpillars grow and change into butterflies.

"First they were caterpillars... they were very little" Athena.

"They ate all the food in the pot" Mercedes.

"They got bigger...they got fat" Alicja.

"They made a cocoon and were hanging upside down in the pot" Isobell

"You have to be careful not to shake the pot because the cocoons will fall" Marleigh

"After a long time they came out of their cocoon and were butterflies!" Charlie

"They were red and black with big wings" Indy.

"We let them go and they flew away" Maja.

Year 6 Healthy Bodies

Date: 25th May 2022 @ 4:45pm

Year 6 have continued their science unit about the human body by learning about how to stay healthy. We considered the impact of poor diet on our bodies, how important different types of exercise are and learned about the difference between drugs and medicine. We looked at different diary sheets and discussed the lifestyles of two individuals. We then made recommendations. about how they could change their lifestyles to become healthier. 

Year 2 Now Press Play

Date: 25th May 2022 @ 4:43pm

Today, Year Two used the Now Press Play equipment to consolidate their knowledge about plants. During the story, we were set a mission to find the best place to plant seeds to ensure they would grow into healthy vegetables. We planted our seeds in a dark cave, a sandy desert and a grassy forest. We found in the cave the plants grew along the floor in search of sunlight just like our cress we grew in the cupboard. The plants in the desert grew but were brown because they didn't have enough water. Finally, our plant in the forest grew into healthy vegetables which we then gave out to the villagers. 

Nursery meet The Bumblebear!

Date: 25th May 2022 @ 11:24am

We have been reading the story "The Bumblebear" By Nadia Shireen about a little bear who loves honey so much he decides to go to Bee School! We have looked at the repeated stripy pattern of a bumble bee, made playdough bees, counted bees and found out how bees make honey. We even made our own delicious honey and yoghurt dip. We've been very busy bees!

Reception: Holly Class- Down on the farm...

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 5:04pm

Holly class had such an enjoyable time when the mobile farm came to visit.

They met Helga the pig, Burt the  cow and stroked the pigmy goats, rabbits and ducklings and also learnt about their young. 

"You get milk from cows" Charlea-Rae.

"The goats are so soft" Mercedes.

"A lamb is a baby sheep" Alicja.

"Pigs have a snout not a nose" Charlie.

Year 3- Now Press Play Adventure

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 4:28pm

In Science today we had a great adventure using Now Press Play. During our adventure we discovered a new talking plant. It was our mission to find a suitable environment for it thrive. We discovered it would need sunlight, water, space and the correct temperature in order for photosynthesis to happen. 

Year 5 - Circuit Training

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 4:18pm

This week children in year 5 began their project to design and create a device that includes an electrical circuit and a switch. We have investigated and discussed products that are currently available, such as security lights and burglar alarms, and identified how they are turned on and off. Pupils used wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers to revisit their prior learning about electrical circuits, and also to familiarise themselves with new equipment, like switches and ammeters.  I am happy to say that there were a few 'lightbulb moments' and the children are now ready to start designing their own product.

Boundary is awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 12:16pm

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark for our outstanding work in the subject of Science! Thank you to the hardwork of our children and staff.

Reception visit the farm

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 11:32am

Reception had a great time visiting the Mobile Farm on the playground.  We met a calf called Burt and big pig called Helga.  They also had an opportunity to stroke the baby rabbits, goats and ducklings.  The children had a fantastic time learning about all the different animals, what they like to eat, the names of their young and why farms are important.

"I know you can get milk from goats, cows and sheep" Harper-Mai

"A baby cow is called a calf" Isaac

"Pigs have snouts and their feet are called trotters" Evelyn

 What a fantastic experience for all children!

Year 2- How to plant a Sunflower seed

Date: 23rd May 2022 @ 8:04am

This half term in Year Two we have been focusing on our instructional writing. We learnt that instructions need to be clear and precise to ensure that someone can accurately follow the steps to end up with the same result. We decided we would write a set of instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed after learning about it in Science and having planted them ourselves. After we had planned each step from our memory of planting a seed, we then drafted and eventually after a little editing wrote up our instructions in neat. We now know we need to use time conjunctions to make sure people follow the steps in the correct order. Miss Duckworth and Miss Hooson were very impressed with our final pieces and the children cannot wait to bring their sunflowers home.

Year 3 DT day!

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 8:08am

In Year Three we had a Design Technology day where we designed, made and evaluated fruit kebabs to make a healthy snack. This involved tasting a range of pre-existing products including pineapple, mango, cantaloupe melon, watermelon and pomegranate seeds. We rated them on taste, smell and appearance. This then led to use designing our own fruit kebab and even considered how to stay safe in a kitchen. Finally we were able to make and eat our healthy snacks!

Year 1 Plants & Trees

Date: 19th May 2022 @ 7:56pm

Today we worked collaboratively to sort and compare a range of wild, garden, fruit and vegetable plants as well as evergreen and deciduous trees. We recapped on the key features of each category and what we mean by comparing, e.g. what is similar about them and what is different about them? We asked and answered questions about the parts of the plants including, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. We used all our prior knowledge about plants to sort and compare the plants in small groups, discussing and justifying our answers to others in our group.

Year 5 - Blackpool Zoo Visit

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 1:05pm

Year 5 visit Blackpool Zoo! To further their learning, Year 5 went on an adventure to learn more about the animals and natural habitats of the Zoo. From hearing about the Orangutans (and meeting Cherie who was named after Tony Blair's wife!) to watching feeding time with the elephants, we were all treated to a variety of interesting talks where we were able to learn more about how a range of animals have adapted over time to survive in their environments. It was really exciting to see the Bactrian camels being fed - they don't share with each other very well! Just before lunch we were treated to a sea lion demonstration where their natural ability to balance, swim, jump and dive were all on show - Gloria even demonstrated the importance of recycling our plastic and not throwing it on the floor or in the oceans!

Year 6 - The Circulatory System

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 11:46am

In today's Science lesson, we learned about the human circulatory system. We found out that blood that comes from the body is deoxygenated. It gets pumped by the heart to the lungs where it picks up oxygen. The oxygenated blood then gets pumped around the body. We took our learning outside and created our own model of the circulatory system. We used blue cones to represent deoxygenated blood and red ones to represent oxygenated blood. 

Year 5 are off the Richter Scale!

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 11:54am

In Geography, Year 5 have been learning about earthquakes and tsunamis. 

This week, each child was given a different earthquake to investigate and write a non-chronological report about.

We were devestated to learn about how earthquakes and tsunamis impact the world, but were pleased to learn that most countries who experience these often have a warning system. 


Nursery meet Superworm!

Date: 12th May 2022 @ 8:32pm

This week we have read the fabulous story "Superworm" By Julia Donaldson. This story is great for developing an understanding of rhyme and the children were super at joining in with the rhymes. All our learning was based on the story and included comparing the size of worms, make worms of different lengths out of playdough and counting bugs and matching them to the correct numerals. The children got creative by making their own magic wands just like Wizard Lizards and made superworms living in a garden. They also practised writing their names by writing them inside a worm and explored capacity and what happens when they mixed different liquids to make magic potions.